10 Reasons Why I Hate My Gym!

1. Parking – This may sound stupid, being a gym and all, but the car park is always rammed! I can never find a carparking space and always end up driving round and round. Highly annoying, especially when raining!

2. Bag – I got diddled on my free bag with goodies inside. The stupid woman who sold me the membership did me over. She said she would do me half price (still £40) joining fee (how much admin does £40 get you?) and still get the bag… I didn’t!!! Not impressed!

3. Classes fully booked – Although I do like the online booking system, it is really annoying when you try and book your fave class only to find it is fully booked. That is just plain annoying! Even if you do get a place the classes are often rammed.

4. Not feeling the difference – I’ve been to the gym 16 times now, averaging 2 hours a time of intense exercise… So 32 hours of intense working out and my jeans are still tight, and I’ve managed to put on over half a stone! What exactly am I paying for again???

5. Expensive – Yes, I got the first month free, but it is £57.00 a month, and that is after the discount I got for working next door! Cor Blimey Guv! I need to invest in a gym, these buggers earn a shed load!

6. Crap lockers – The lockers are always broken or the handy safety pin on the key is missing. It means trapsing the changing rooms for a free locker that is working properly!!! GRRR!

7. Naked Women – There are naked women all over the changing rooms as there is nowhere discreet to get changed. It’s just weird! They have towels, so why don’t they use them to cover up?

8. Youth Club – It is full of 16 year olds strutting their stuff. I was 16 once so I know their hormones are raging (note to self: you are only 23, not Victor Meldrew) They sit in the jacuzzi with their flat abs staring at you working out. I just hope when their motabolism kicks in they will get fat! It’s not funny to watch fat birds try and swim, it will happen to you too!

9. Contact terms – Unless I die sometime soon, I’m stuck in this contract for 12 months! Once you sign on the line you are in for life! If I move and there is a gym 20 miles away I will still be forced to pay as the gym is considered ‘near enough’. Actually, if I die, I think they would still try and take the money!

10. I haven’t been asked out yet! – Possibly the worst thing! I’m a single girl and I haven’t had one flirt or date request yet… Rubbish!