10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me…

1. I am a trained football referee and coach. Well, technically I need to re-train as I haven’t been signed onto a league for a while due to doing my knee in at Uni. My Dad is a referee’s assessor now and was a ref for 30 odd years before moving to assessing!

2. I had classical singing lessons and was quite theatrical. I even appeared as Cosette in Les Miserables in a Derbyshire youth production! I actually can’t sing a note, but love it. I was even in a rock gospel choir at uni!

3. I love Scuba Diving! After diving for the first time in Barbados, I fell in love and decided to get a PADI qualification, so I am a trained PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. I’m hoping to continue learning when I get some cash together!

4. I have a brother, Darren, he lives in my home town Darley Dale with his fiance Steph, in their awesome house.

5. I’m very shy! People seem to think I’m some raving loon who parties all the time, I’m not, if I’m not at work or the gym or asleep, I can usually be found tucked up in my slanket on my sofa. I also have a bad habit of blushing if I like someone, and will be found running away!

6. I have no specific tastes in film, music, books, art etc etc. If I can dance to it, and attempt to sing along, or it makes me smile, it will do for me!

7. I once did science based comedy stand-up. Don’t ask!

8. I had a science radio show at uni, with my buddy Dean. We mainly spent our Sunday mornings begging for people to bring us food, they never did :(

9. I have a poem in a book! When I was at school they made a book full of kids poems, mine got chosen! Get in! I think it goes something like this – Slavery – Slavery, more black than white, no candle at night, no words can you say, you don’t get much pay something something something… Must get mum to dig that out!

10. I love rocks and fossils! I haven’t used my degree since I got it (apart from the two weeks as an asbestos analyst) but am still as passionate as ever about rocks and fossils, and my collection and books are my prized possessions. I even have a tattoo of a fossil ammonite on the back of my neck/top of back!!!