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Gone Off Tesco Cat Food Makes Me Vomit

When attempting to feed my wee kitty Tinker this morning, I followed my usual steps, move him from my leg (which he likes to climb when he thinks there is food) reach into the box of kitten food, pull out packet, tear off top, put in bowl, watch Tinker devour…
gone off kitten food

This morning was not normal though… look what I found. I literally vommitted on the spot. The smell was so disgusting that I didn’t just heave, but I threw up. I can still smell it now even though I braved picking it up and threw it straight in the bin outside. Honestly, I have never smelt anything so rancid, and I was a student for 3 years! YUK!!! I should point out that I had to don my scuba mask to protect my nose and eyes and to stop further sickness.
rotten cat food

As you can see, it shouldn’t have gone off until Aug 2011…
kitten food

Cheers Tesco for making me vomit, needless to say a complaint is winging it’s way to your customer services team as I type here.


I Can See Clearly Now The Dirt Has Gone!!!

Wow! The outside world looks quite different with clean windows! I moved in to my house in September last year and for my sins i have never got my windows cleaned, yes i know, im a dirty bugger!!! Windows are not the first thing on my mind when moving! Anywho, with two kitties sitting in the windows and peering out and the weather down here, they had gotten pretty dirty!

Luckily my lovely next door neighbour is a window cleaner so I employed his services! Not only are my windows now as they say round here – gin clear – they look so much better! He even did the insides for me, which not many window cleaners do! And I thought I was getting mates rates it was so cheap, nope, his usual rates! BARGAIN!

So if you need a window cleaner in Plymouth I can’t recommend M & M Window Cleaning enough! Not only will you get a professional job done, you can get your insides done, a friendly smile and some handy window cleaning tips but it’s cheap too!

If you want to get in touch with Martyn, put a comment on this post and I’ll pass it on to him, or email me (details on the contacts page) and i’ll pass the details on!

Thanks again Martyn from M & M Window Cleaning! At the price it was I could afford to have them done every week!

People Search The Funniest Things!

As you all know, I’m a rather huge fan of Jason Manford. Not only is he rather dapper and hilariously funny he is also a decent guy. He responds to all his twitter messages (@Jason_Manford) from his fans. He also just became a Daddy, so instead of jokes about his Dad, he can tell them about being a Dad – geddit! Anyways, I digress…

I noticed some strange search terms (what people type in google etc before hitting my site) including;

Jason Manford

I have no idea what the snake thing is about, and as I have previously explained. Jason is not by any means a Twat… Apart from that rather strange and kind of scary dream I had that he appeared in over a week ago that was so disturbing I can still vividly recall it. I won’t go further incase he sues me! lol

Anyway, here are some more bizarre searches that somehow in the depths of google lead people to this very site;
wibbly boobs
“right up his shorts”
“forgot my trainers”
what are the duties of a glass collector in a nightclub
uks farts trains
split my arse when pooping
survival equipment fitter
sore grumpy monkey
shitter pump
picked onion monster munch burnt tongue
louise’s bum picture
louisa boob study
how to make discreet farts
how to combat bingo wings
hannah swift most famous five 5
find “jason” chats with +louise
foto free xxx tv
evil-bikes any good?
dj zzbing
body jam bum bum
asian4you hard series pic
agradecimiento por darme trabajo
“left my trainers at home”
“giving * the bumps” birthday
“gay porn idol” willy
willy windmills
a day in the life of a monkey
“anton barbeau”
Woo! I also have the legendary Ben Fogle in my list!
ben fogle pictures eating ice cream

People are weird!


This post was partly inspired by Kirsty and her post – see here