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The Best Brownies In The World – Loquax Brownies

I was going to put duck brownies in the title, but I didn’t think people would quite like that. On the 21st August this year, I received what can only be called a long awaited food gift. Last year the lovely Jason from Loquax made me a very special ‘Duck Cake
This year, he really pulled one out of the bag with some incredible brownies. My god they are good. I think it comes from the scientist within, as all baking is just science. That or this guy has magic fingers.
loquax brownies
My photo really doesn’t do these bad boys justice, they are seriously amazing! Exactly what you want from a brownie, moist, chocolatey, gooey. MMMN Sublime!


I think Jason should definitely enter the Brownie Competition that Lee is judging!

Jude – you are a very very lucky woman!

Happy Birthday Mother Swift!

Happy Birthday Mother! Hope you have a lovely day! xxx
happy birthday mum

Turning 25

my 25th birthdayIt was my 25th yesterday – hurrah for me! Whilst it isn’t really a significant birthday by any means, I still felt it was a big one to me. I took the week off work and my wonderful best friend from university joined me on Monday, followed shortly after by another on the Wednesday.
We spent the last few days chilling out and doing things that we found fun. We went to the garden centre and for a drive on the moors, we went to the allotment to pick raspberries and beetroot, we ate food, we walked, we shopped. Absolutely brilliant!
Yesterday I woke up and made a cuppa, I was shortly followed downstairs by everyone else, where I had toast made for me, and then commenced with the present opening. I got some lovely gifts from my parents, grandparents, friends, Matthew and matthews brother and girlfriend. I also got lots and lots of cards.

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who left me a facebook message, called me, text me or sent a card of gift – I’m really thankful. It was a lovely birthday consisting of;

A visit to the farm to pick lovely veggies and a special bunch of flowers (home grown) – also note-worthy – my pumpkins are MASSIVE – the size of footballs and still growing – woo me!

A drive around the moors – stunning views

A trip to the lovely South Devon chilli farm YUMMY. I got some more smokey chipotle sauce (incredible) and a chilli plant – called a Royal Black which looks like this click here to see – very pretty flowers and quite hot chilli’s.

The best part of the day by far was eating a delicious dominoes pizza. Having lived on them for many years, but suffered living in Plymouth as they are 15 mins away and dont deliver – it was GOOOOOOOD.

So all in all a tremendously good day, I don’t feel much different, just very very full!

LOL xxx