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Theatre And Musicals – Dahhhlings!

I was recently inspired by someone (if you are reading, you know who you are) to pursue some old hobbies that had died with University, life and growing up to a certain extent. So as part of the new regime, and as part of recapturing my youth I have divulging in some extra curricular activities. Here are the experiences I have had so far…

1. Musical Theatre
As some of you may know, I am a massive fan musical theatre, Les Mis being my absolute fave in the world! I used to even sing, although years of late nights and alcohol has put an end to that. So I did some research and went off in search of a local musical theatre group. I found a group who to be fair are quite away from my home, but I still went along to see what it was all about – – having not sung for many years I was quite nervous. I went along just as they had finished one show, and were fresh and ready to start another. In some senses the perfect time, in others less so. I’m going to be brutally honest about my experiences that night, as it’s the only way to be. I mean no harm, and these are just my thoughts. I was greeted in the car park by a friendly girl of whom I cannot recall her name, and she showed a nervous, lost looking me the way to the church hall for the rehearsal. She was very chatty and welcoming. When I got inside I was greeted by the lady I had called to arrange my visit and was ushered to a seat. Right on the front row. Slap bang in the middle. In front of the musical director. GREAT! I was placed next to an older lady who seemed to be very dedicated to the art, I think she said she had been a member for some 40 years. I was then informed that to hire the music/script it was a £15 deposit there and then. I sat without any music/script until the kind lady next to me fetched one for me. So I thank her for that.
Without any warming up of the vocal chords (which in my case was dully needed) we got straight into the songs and the script, and although I skipped the first go at reading some lines, I felt braver and went for it the next time. My accent needed some work, but for a first go, it wasn’t too bad! After a while we took a break, and once again I was left to my own devices, so there I sat, alone as the rest of the group chatted to each other, making little if no effort with me. There were some break time jollies such as a lottery, which wasn’t explained to me. After the rehearsal, I was invited to the pub for a drink with a few of the younger members, but to be honest, I just wanted to go home. I’m not sure if my experience was a one off, and I think I would try them out again, but first impressions were not great. Sorry to say.

2. Drama
After my experience above I decided my next attempt at extra curricular activities would not be alone. So I did some more research and was recommended I contacted Joe and found him very welcoming, explaining everything I needed to know and he even offered to meet us beforehand to talk to us again. Who is this ‘us’ you ask? Young Terri from next door of course. We headed out this evening to the depths of Plymouth, a journey which should have taken little more than 10 minutes ended up taking nearly 40. But that was due to 2 people having no idea where they were going and getting some terrible directions. We finally arrived and were greeted by a very friendly Joe who showed us inside, and even got us some seats. We were then made to feel welcome as people came to say hello, and we then got to introduce ourselves in front of the group. We then watched them perform the second half of their current production – The Diary Of Anne Frank, which with only a few weeks left before the performances, was truly fab! I will most certainly be telling everyone to go and see it. During the break everyone came to say hello to Terri and I and made us feel really part of the group. They even gave us the sales pitch on staying in and joining the fun, with promises of Hi Di Hi next year – erm! HELLO!!! Again afterwards more people came to say hello and how nice it was to meet us, I can’t speak for Terri, but I really felt welcome there. There were no pretentious drama people, just friendly faces who love to act/perform/stage/direct/costumes etc etc. I’ll certainly be going back, time allowing!

I will confess, there are a 3 and 4 to this, but both deserve blog posts alone, and both need more details confirming. Watch this space for more exciting times ahead in the life of the Swift!

Peace out and all that jazz xxx

Kerry Bella Beauty

I recently decided to bring back something I used to do alot, getting my eyelashes tinted! For those of you who have never had it done, you should. It’s not only super relaxing, but it’s also a great way of saving time in the morning! No need for mascara anymore!
So as a treat to myself I decided it was about time I started looking healthy again in the mornings, and luckily had just had a swish leaflet through the door for Kerry Bella Beauty – so I gave Kerry a call and got the balls rolling, so to speak! Having never done a treatment on me before the first step was a skin test to check I wasn’t going to have an allergic reaction to the products, that passed, Kerry then came round to do the treatment.
She was lovely and polite, and made me feel comfortable and like a celebrity at every moment, taking care to ensure my comfort whilst explaining everything to me. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep in fact! My eyelashes took the treatment really well, and as you can see below – it made quite a difference! Something I will definitely be having done with Kerry again! I just need to decide from all the things she offers what to get done next!



You can see Kerry’s website here – and that has all her prices and what she offers. She does parties and all sorts and best of all – she comes round to your house!!!

The New Regime!

Having hit my mid 20’s (the grand old age of 25) I decided it was about time I left my student days behind and started living like an ‘adult’ – I also realised to help with the dodgy knees, I need to lose some weight. So here comes the new regime!

Up at 7.30 for a shower and breakfast (of the porridge variety)

Make lunch, go to work, eat salad, come home, house work, decent tea, bed early!

Rock and F-in Roll Baby Yeah!

So it lasted well for a week, then I got hit with a tummy bug, I’m now back on the regime and it seems to be paying off. I’m knackered all the time, hungry and miserable, but I do seem to have lost a pound or two. (can you sense the sarcasm)

I have to say, breaking a life long habit of sleeping in and getting ready for work in under 5 minutes is hard (My record is 3 mins from getting out of bed to getting in the car) – It’s about time I grew up though… NOT!

My Goals For 2010 – Finally published!

Way way back at the beginning of the year I started the below post… As you can see, I only got so far and didn’t really explain many of the points. I found this draft when cleaning up this website so thought now was a good as time as any to reflect on the last few months!
Here is the original post:-

A few people have written blog posts on their goals for 2010, I realise I’m a little late with writing mine, but I have been busy.

So here are my goals,

1. See a dentist – it’s been too long!
2. Spend some time with my nephew – only met the wee laddy once!
3. Buy a new bed – £40 frame on the last one and a 10 year old mattress = sore back
4. Do my next diving course – £275 to save!
5. Have a spring clean – I have far too much ‘stuff’
6. Update this blog more often – I’m lazy, I know!
7. Slow down – last year flew by without me noticing, I want to slow down and enjoy 2010

So what of the above did I actually do?

1. I registered with one if that counts?
2. Check – he even came to stay for the weekend, and has made me rather broody!
3. I bought a sofa instead when I am often found sleeping
4. Check! Although I haven’t really been out since – it’s an expensive and weather dependant hobby!
5. Check!
6. Hmn, not really sure I have updated that much this year, but I’m running out of interesting things to say!
7. Nope! The years just seem to keep on flying by!
8. No idea what this was, so I have no idea if I did it or not!

So there you go, some completed, some not!

Here is to the next few weeks in the hectic run up to Christmas, fingers crossed I’ll publish my actual goals for 2011 on time!