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An Interview With Josh Andrews – Off-of The Radio

As all you lovely readers know, I recently started at the wonderful Hospital Radio Plymouth. Along with my own show on Wednesdays, the very cool Josh let me join the team on his show. So on Sundays between 3 and 5 you can, if you are very very local to Derriford or are currently in Derriford hear Josh, Producer Jamie, Ciarán and myself.

The show is absolutely great! Really good fun, playing all the latest and greatest tunes and some great radio moments. Josh is an award winner, so standards are high on the show.

I decided to let all of you, get to know him with a very serious interview – I say serious, I mean – I threw some questions together in 10 mins to see what he would reply. I even gave him the chance to ask me a pivotal, important, life changing question… or so I thought!

1) When did you realise you were destined for the airwaves?
From a very young age I knew I wanted to be in the media, I started by wanting to be a newsreader. I soon realized this is too serious and important for me. I need to do something more free, spontaneous and different. Radio it is.

2) Cats or Dogs?
Neither really, both annoy me. I hate the sound of a dog barking, so cats by default.

3) Who is your biggest inspiration?
Hmm, I don’t really idolize anyone. I believe in creating your own future and making this happen by yourself. Nobody is gonna knock on your door and offer you that dream job. I respect broadcasters such as Chris Moyles, Scott Mills, Chris Evans, Richard Bacon & Howard Stern.

4) What’s your favourite flavour of jelly bean?
Hate them, but red is my fave colour of any sweet.

5) What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Literally there are hundreds,
I was starring in a local panto as an ugly sister (oh yes I was!) and during dress rehearsal I was meant to throw a cream pie at my fellow ugly sister, I missed her face and threw it on her hair! She had greasy, creamy hair throughout the whole performance. I felt really bad.
Maybe the time I wore a kilt and flashed EVERYTHING at an audience. Or the time I interviewed Suzanne Shaw without having any idea who she is.

6) What’s your favourite meal?
I go through phases of liking and hating food. At the moment I really like jacket potatoes with BBQ beans, cheese and mayo!
But I could hate it next week.

7) What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?
I have a reoccurring dream, which involves me being stood on the corner of a stage in front of thousands and being told I have to fill 20 minutes of stand up comedy! Not sure if this is a nightmare… maybe it means something?

8) If you were stuck on an island, what 2 songs would you take with you and why?
Such a hard question. Probably MJ – Man in the Mirror and Stevie Wonder – Uptight

9) What has been your favourite word of 2010, and what are the contenders for 2011?
Oaf, moron, cringe, massive, tonto, sup – 2010
Muff and burke are contenders for 2011

10) If you could have 1 super power for 1 day, what would it be, and what would you do with it?
The ability to make people laugh themselves into hysterics – I would make people smile… simple.

11)Is there a question you’d like to ask me?
What’s your fave ready meal?
My Answer – has to be a nice mushroom pasta thingy from Lord Tesco – a bargain at just £1!

You can follow Josh in the following places:-
His Website
His Twitter
The Josh Andrews Show Twitter
His Facebook Fan Page/Group Thing
The Josh Andrews Show Facebook Fan Page/Group Thing

Congratulations Martyn and Terri

If Carlsberg made neighbours, it’d be these two! They were supposed to head off to Lapland this weekend to meet Santa and to give Martyn the opportunity to do the big romantic gesture and pop the question. Due to the pesky snow, their flight was cancelled, re-arranged, then cancelled again.
Martyn still went ahead with the proposal and Terri is now sporting a gorgeous ring on her finger!
I’d like to wish them both the best – as a couple and individuals they are amazing, so in love and happy. They have been together a long time and the spark is definitely still there, which whilst sickening, gives us singletons something to cling onto!
Big congrats you two!
Here is the happy couple (not the one in the middle, he’s just some random!)

Dave The Parsnip

I once grew a parsnip, a solitary parsnip, his name was Dave. I ate Dave.

Dave’s old house

Dave’s leaves


Dave and his mates

Possibly The Best Drink In The World

A few weeks back now, I went to Leeds to meet with a client, the journey back was some what disastrous, but more on that another time. Before heading home I met with some of the funniest and most awesome people in Affiliate Marketing. Ray and Dom. We headed to the famous German Markets in the centre of Leeds where I was forced ( 😉 ) to drink beer. I then repaid the favour with a few shots… Then Ray went off for a wee while and came back clasping 3 mugs with straws in them. What was inside was to be a most pleasant thing – Hot mulled wine, ameretto and lashings of cream on top. It was melt in the mouth, absolutely delicious stuff. In fact I may have drank more than just mine. I HATE mulled wine usually as I’m not a fan of nutmeg or cinnamon – but this was just divine! I would totally recommend drinking this to anyone who reads. I even managed to swipe a cup too – which is my new brew mug! I wanted to just plain steal it, but apparently Ray had put a £2.50 deposit on the cup. Bless him, he let me keep it! Thanks Ray!

Death By Bathmat (Well, it could have been!)

A wee while ago now, I purchased a bathmat (yes, a bathmat) it’s one of the mundane things you do when you start getting older. Bathmats, bleach and sink unblocker – it’s a wild world of adulthood. Sometimes it’s all too much and I have to sit down with a warm cup of cocoa.
Anyways, I got a letter through the post a couple of weeks ago warning me of my recent purchase. Apparently Tesco are recalling the said bathmats as they have identified a potential safety issue –

the mat may slip under certain conditions

well – bugger me! That bathmat came out of the bath quicker than I don’t know what. I am taking said ‘weapon’ back to Tesco for a full refund of £3 and shall be spending that on a nice bag of cabbage and some poligrip.