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Get Out While You Can

Another late thanks – I’m terrible, I know. Again at Christmas I was the lucky recipient of a book called ‘Get Out While You Can‘. Someone I know in the industry I work in had written a book, and had sent me a copy to read. George Marshall, one of the nicest people in the industry, is someone, admittedly I should talk to more often. When we do talk we get on really well, and George always mentioned writing a book. Well, he did it. He put his mind too it and wrote it!

You can buy a limited copy from Amazon at the moment and through the website and it’s on pre-order at Waterstones

The front page simply reads – Plan A. Work hard at school, secure a good job, set your sights on promotion, climb the corporate ladder, live happily ever after.

Reality check for Plan A. Work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet, being condemned to a life of wage slavery, drowning in sea of debt, the poverty of mind and spirit, existing to work.

Plan B. A simple yet revolutionary idea. Get out while you can.

Reviews include – “If you are serious about escaping the rat race, or you just want to make some extra money on the side, then I d highly recommend you buy Get Out While You Can.” –John Crickett, Business Opportunities And Ideas

George Marshall has spent the last six years excavating an escape tunnel that leads directly away from the rat race. He calls it Plan B and he thinks it’s an escape route you might want to explore for yourself. It won’t bring the wage slave society crashing down, but for tens of thousands of people just like you, it may just provide the blueprint for the life of endless possibility that you were born to lead. –

I really enjoyed the ‘live’ examples, and seeing figures, as I find case-studies a lot more inspirational and motivating than simple proof of concept paragraphs of text. – affiliaterich

There are loads more reviews out there… go look them up!

I’m not going to say too much about the book, because if I am honest, I’m only half way through. What I have read is clearly written from the heart, without agenda, in a simple, easy to read way. Knowing George, I know he wrote this to help others, to get his thoughts on paper and to complete a project he started many years ago.

Hat’s off to you George, it’s brilliant – Can’t wait to finally finish it! Thanks so much again for sending me a copy!

Late Christmas Thanks – All Up And On

I know it’s bloody late, very bloody late in fact, and for that – I apologise! I went home for Christmas to see my gorgeous nephew and the rest of the Swift Clan. What was waiting for me was a gift from one of my clients – All Up And On Andy, Jo and Co had very kindly sent me a laptop cushion. What you may think is a strange gift, is actually the perfect gift for me! Not only do I spend far too much time on my laptop, but I spend that time either sat on the sofa, or in bed.
Bosign Laptop Pillow in Black

So What Exactly Is It?

A cotton black rectangular cushion with a set of oversized black silicone buttons to rest your laptop on to prevent slipping and to allow air to circulated to prevent the laptop overheating and your knees getting too hot!

Made from 100% cotton with a machine washable cover, this slim cushion takes up very little space so is easy to store when not in use.

I tell you what, even as I use it now, I can’t help but admire it. No more burning legs or sitting leaning over the laptop. This nifty little cushion sorts it all out.It’s got beady things in the middle like a bean bag, so you can shift them around to fit more comfortably too, especially if you sit with one leg on the sofa like me!

Thanks Jo, Andy and Co!

When Blogging Runs Away With Itself

Although this blog has pretty much no purpose, other than to keep my Dad occupied at work, just checking if I have done anything new recently… I have found that many of the things I have wanted to blog, many of the thanks I have wanted to give, have somewhat fallen by the way-side. So I’m hopefully going to write a few blog posts to keep all my readers (AKA Papa Swift) happy. So, bear with me as I get this bad boy up to date!
Blogging really can be a pain, although it doesn’t take long to do a post, after spending all day on the computer doing ‘I.T.’ as my friends say, sometimes the last thing you want to do is turn on your computer, log into your blog and think of something humorous to say. It’s a pain in the bottom to be honest, not as painful as piles (NOT speaking from experience) but painful all the same. Anyways, I’m sure you all know what it’s like. It’s old fashioned correspondence upkeep in a more ‘internetty’ form!
That's all folks!

You Guys!

You Guys! *blushes* Honestly there is nothing better after a long day at work, and a few hours at the radio station, to come home to a message that a parcel is awaiting you next door. The anticipation of what it could be, mixed with the self doubt – did I buy something when drunk on ebay again (not that I can drink at the moment, but that is another story)
I trundled my way over to the house next door to discover a package for me. I cheated by looking at the sender to find it was none other than the gorgeous people at Loquax. More commonly known to me as fellow Muse lover Jude, and fellow chocolate brownie lover Jason.
To cut a long story short, a few weeks ago now, there were rumours of the infamous bags being sold off on ebay! Well, a twitter conversation turned into a bidding war, and I lost. I loved my sunshine bags, they were great for the gym and for diving and for just well, having. So when I lost out I was upset. Turns out that pesky duck Jude had won the bid, and despite my earlier misery, it would soon be winging it’s way to my home! Hurrah! Along with that was a fun postcard/photo/compliments slip type thing with a pretty picture on and… wait for it… the best bit…

A duck toothbrush holder! (modelled by a sleeping Tinker) I have never seen such an amazing duck styled bathroom object! Amazing! I have taken it upon myself to take random pictures of ducks when out and about, especially in sea-side gift shops, and then tag Jude and Jason in these photos, but never on my travels have I seen one of these! Amazing!

So thanks you two – you really cheered me up after what has been a shitty few weeks! I love my surprise gift! xxx

Monkey Has Moved Out :(

I figured it was about time I gave you all an update on my darling Monkey. Well, she no longer lives with me. I got Monkey by accident really, I was helping my dear friend Cat (an actual person) find a new kitty, and was drawn to an ad on gumtree for a kitten who just wasn’t fitting into her new home. Myself and another friend Dirk set off in the Proton to go and see Monkey, and she was so timid, I just couldn’t leave her there. I was her 3rd home in as many days. She was the cutest little thing when I got her;
She and I spent many happy days together, chasing toys, having cuddles and her love of Jamie Oliver (would always watch if he was on telly – odd!) We moved to from Watford to Plymouth and she was my very special to me. I’m not sure where it all came from but she just turned, decided she didn’t like me, the house, and especially hated Tinker.
Monkey was never an aggressive cat, and just wanted to be around me, being fussed all the time. I can only pin point it to the aftermath of her ‘snip’. She had been coming on heat quite regularly, and although my original plan was to breed her, after being shown what it involved on youtube, and seeing her in heat, i wisely decided against it. When she was in heat, i could only describe it as her being in pain. As it turns out, she was. She has a massive cyst on her ovary.
When I went to collect her from the vet, they said she was being nasty, and they may need my help to remove her from her cage, I laughed “Monkey? She’s never even hissed” Well, things changed after then, I even told the vet (it’s on her records) All she wanted to do was be outside, and not around me anymore, often neighbours in the street would comment at how violent she was.
Then, to top things, along came Tinker. I had seen Monkey with what I can only describe as a kitty pal, so in my infinite wisdom I decided another kitten would be fine in the house. How wrong I was. Although on a few chance moments, she could be found near him, and even washing him, from day 1 she hated him. She would hiss, growl and attack if he came near, often cowering in a corner. She never came home any more and if she did, would only hiss at me and him.
It’s traumatic for a cat owner, as my first real pet that I truly loved, to see her so miserable at home with no way of making things better. I was seemingly left with a choice, get rid of Tinker, in the hope she would come home and be happy again, or let her carry on with what she was doing. After consulting a vet, I made the decision to stop trying to get her in the house, not a decision I made lightly. I still love her, and still hope she’ll come home. I still see her around, but she comes no where near me. I know other people in the street have taken her in, and she always looks well, if anything a little tubby. So there you go, a sad story for me, but hopefully my little boo will be happy now.

I leave you with my favourite ever picture of her;