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One Daft Kitty

He doesn’t quite understand he is defeating the object here by pushing the stick under the carpet, not getting it out! Bless him!

Check out half way through, looks like his thumbs are bending backwards! Odd moggy!

Goodbye Bowl, RIP, You have been good to me

A sad day for bowls of the Nation. My favourite bowl (perfect for lashings of gravy or curry sauce) got murdered by a bottle of vinegar at high speeds falling out of a cupboard. I have been wearing black ever since.

The plate/bowl is no longer available or being made, so it’s a internet hunt for another one!

If you come into the presence of one please let me know, plates just don’t hold as much gravy :( – here it is in it’s full glory! The low footed bowl!


On a random night out many moons ago, I bumped into Krystle – we got a little tipsy and became great friends. At the time Krys was doing a few jobs here and there including events and other bits, her dream to be a makeup artist. Skip ahead a few years, go past some random stories and you have this –

Krys has just started releasing some awesome videos for makeup tips and the such like! If only I was a) not lazy and b) not lazy – I might actually follow some of her tips!
Krys, you have come a long way since doing this to me;

So give her a follow on youtube, become her fan on facebook, follow her on twitter, check out her website – and tell her I sent you!