A Good Week Gone Bad :(

Well, what a shitter! This week I was supposed to be doing my EFR and Rescue Diver courses. Monday started off well with an intensive day of EFR (Emergency First Response) – All went well and I got a near perfect score on my exam (go me!) Tuesday started with yet another intensive day of learning on the Rescue Diver course – this day was filled with theory lessons and discussions – I was having a brilliant time, and although nervous about the days ahead, I was super excited. It was also the day my dear friend Terri bought her car and my closest friend from home revealed a massive secret!

This is where I should have been – in the nice water :(
Scuba Diving

Then it all went wrong!

I was coming down the stairs when something didn’t go right and I heard an almighty crunch, followed by excruciating pain (so painful I found myself unable to swear, and cried!) Next thing I know I’m on the sofa shivering violently and feeling like someone just shot me in the foot. Given my recent EFR training I was able to keep myself warm to control the shivers, raise my foot up high and knew to call for help.

Bring on the rescuers!

A little while later, fresh from Zumba, Terri and Martyn came to my rescue, took one look at me and ushered me into the car and off to a and e! At this point I sobbed (that’s how much it hurt!) 3 hours later, 5 xrays, solpadol, a pink pill and some morphine in a syringe that I had to drink and I was finally home.

I have basically chipped a bone in my foot, and have been given some sexy crutches and told to stay off my foot for a while as it heals! Nice

So, no diving! But luckily the guys at in deep are super nice and postponed my course for me! Thanks to Sean, Pete and Kirsten!

Huge thanks to Martyn and Terri for coming to my aid!

Big thanks to everyone for the get well soon messages and the texts checking if I am alive!