A Great CD – Lee Sculthorpe, Eleven:Eleven Syndrome

It’s not often I get the chance to listen to something the nation hasn’t, so when a CD fell into my lap a few weeks back, I thought it was a great opportunity to share it with the world, via the medium of my blog!

A little about Lee and the CD;
Music, Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Synth Bass and Drum Programming By Lee
Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars by Nic Thomson
Album Artwork, Concept and Designs by Lee
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Lee at Scully Studios
Quite a talented guy!

So onto the tracks!

1. Belief in me
A great electric rocky tune, that even after only listening to half the track, you find yourself singing along too (badly in my case)
Favourite lyric – “Don’t ever lose your belief in me!”

2. People Are Dazed
I guess you would call this a little more indie rock. The main chorus is really catchy and definitely one to be blasted out loud!
Favourite lyric – “Everyday I ask myself, why I’m not the same, as everybody in the street, outside my window pane ”

3. Other Side Of Life
One of my absolute favourite songs, synthy, electric and with references to little miss muffet! All you need from a song and more! You want to sing along, play the air guitar, and head bang all in one song. Not forgetting how it makes you want to dance like an utter baffoon!
Favourite lyric – “have you ever seen, the other side, of life”

4. Half Empty Glasses And Balloons
More like a ballad, beautiful lyrics. A chance to really hear Lee’s voice.
Favourite lyric – “The party and the laughters through, so i sit here and think of you, everyone goes home and i am left alone with half empty glasses and balloons”

5. I Can’t Make It On My Own
A real foot tapper. You can’t help my swing you ankles and tap your feet to this one. You get to hear Lee’s deeper tones! Sounds awesome
Favourite lyric – “tired of feeling so alone, can anyone hear me?”

6. Millions Of Years
Fantastic guitar playing on this one, yet another foot tapper that will lead to full blown rocking and air guitaring! I love the lyrics!
Favourite lyric – “when mankind has come and gone, the old landscape will still stand strong”

7. Circles
Another personal favourite. The lyrics are questioning. Clearly Lee has had some bad times and you can hear that his music has pulled him through. This song is inspirational and is worthy of playing on the radio. Absolutely stunning.
Favourite lyric – “how many times must i blow out the candles, and stand alone in the dark”

8. My Girlfriend Is A Witch
Tee hee! The title is enough! Really rocky! It would be a great tune to drive to, or to just chill out with mates, or to be played in a club… Watch those heads bang!
Favourite lyric – “hey i know it sounds bizzare, my girlfriend is a witch… i can see her nose begin to twitch…”

9. Stand Tall
The entry to this track makes me think of Santana, although i’m not sure why! It’s actually quite a powerful track, saying a big F you to anyone that has hurt you. Stand tall, get on with it and you’ll be ok! Some great guitar playing again!
Favourite lyric – “ive been hurt before, now im ready for the war, i’ll stand tall and face the day, believe everything will be ok”

10. When You Sleep
It’s great power ballad type song. He is singing a truly heartfelt song to someone he loves, you can tell in his voice he really means what he is singing, which is refreshing to hear.
Favourite lyric – ” you’re so beautiful when you sleep”

11:11. Echos Thru My Soul
The final track on the album doesn’t disappoint. With a long melodic instrumental song to finish, you know it is not over until the fat lady sings, he brings you in slowly, building musical tension for the conclusion of his work. I’ll leave the end of the song for you to discover! I can’t give it all away!
11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed in within our cellular consciousness prior to our descent into matter which, when activated signifies that our time of completion is near.

Overall, I really love this album, it constantly suprises you. You start off thinking it’s 90’s rock, then you listen more carefully to hear more than that. Stunning lyrics and complex vocals with some incredible playing of all the instruments. Some songs remind me of Bon Jovi, yet others are right up to date . Some reminds me of the Foo Fighters, some Santana, some Greenday… it’s fast, it’s slow, its eclectic and its bloody brilliant. You can bop to it, sing to it, chill out to it and take inspiration from it. It’s a CD everyone should own!