A Sad Day For Shoes!

Today was a sad day for shoes all over the country as I finally waved goodbye to 3 bin bags full of shoes! That’s right – THREE whole bin bags full of shoes! I’m a typical girl when it comes to shoes (although not much else) and so have accumulated a fair few pairs over the years! It was time to sort them!
I have to say it was a total nostalgia trip when it came to sorting them. I had shoes from school that were 2 sizes too small! Shoes I used to club in, shoes I had never worn. Ahh shoes!
I decided to be strict with myself and removed any shoes from my collection that;
– hurt my feet – what’s the point of having sore feet to show off your pretty shoes, so that you only have to take them off again!
– I haven’t worn for a while – this means they are totally out of fashion and i totally wouldn’t wear them again!
– Need fixing in some way – If i love them enough, I’d of fixed them by now right?
– I laughed (not in a good way) when I saw them – that is never a good sign is it
And just because! I think I’m only going to rescue one pair from the bin bags before I take them to the bin and charity shops. I also think I could probably chuck a few more pairs in the bag, but I didn’t want to be too extreme, too soon!

The shoes before sorting – 1 ottoman, 4 plastic boxes and some additional ones on top!

The shoes mid sorting, well a few of them at least – some old friends there!

All that was left – 1 ottoman, 1 box (inc slippers and everything!!!)

Bye Bye shoes! I’ll miss you!