A Very Grumpy Monkey!

I had to take Monkey to the vets to be spayed (Tuesday) She kept coming on heat, which I always described as her ‘looking in pain’ (more on this later).

We got to the vets at 8.30am where I left her to head to work. I was on tenter hooks all day at work, but received a phone call around lunch time to say she was fine, just a little grumpy! I went to pick her up at 5.15 ish and the nurse said she had been a real grump all day, and I was warned I may have to step in to help get her in her box as she was abit bitey!

She asked me to look at the computer as there had been complications during the surgery. Turns out the poor little mite had a cyst on her ovary that was huge! Monkey is only a teeny cat as it is. Bless her. They sent us home with a booster collar, that was made from material. If you want to see a picture of the cyst – click here.

I got the injured party home and gave her some yummy food, which after about 10 mins she promptly vomited straight back up! Cheers Monkey!

I slept on the sofa as I was really worried about her, she staggered around like she had been on the hard spirits and her eyes were all glazed over, I felt so guilty! I had to keep reminding myself it was in her best interests.

The next day I decided to go home for my lunch to check on her to find her collar inside out, the silly thing had folded back and she looked really daft sat in the window waiting for me. I called the vet and had to go pick up a stiffer plastic one! When I got home that evening I found she had managed to get to her wound and had made it bleed, I also *think* she managed to yank a stitch out, but as it wasn’t bleeding and looked ok, I left her too it.

The next few days consisted of me worrying, her being grumpy, and sleeping on the sofa.

I got home from the gym on Friday night to find her stomach seriously bruised and looking sore, so panic set in again and i phoned everyone asking for advice, eventually I called the vet and he asked me to take her in on the Saturday morning. So another sleepless night! All was well and it was just badly bruised, poor little mite!


She is still perking up at the moment, she has an odd moment where she vomits, thanks Monkey, but I think that is down to her being angry about the collar, which I might add as soon as a remove she goes straight for her wound and licks. I can understand why, i guess its starting to itch. But she now has her collar on 24/7.