Affiliate Get Together In London

I usually don’t write about work, but as this was a party I am making an exception.

food-003After about 3 hours sleep (mainly due to Monkey going missing) I arose at stupid o’clock to head off to London with the boss man Mark. Thanks to Mark for buying breakfast – it was much needed! We went to a number of meetings around London before heading back to get ready to go out. 29th-march-2009-004On the way to somewhere (bad memory) I spotted a brand new form of advertising, basically, some people had steam cleaned mould in the form of adverts! I thought it was awesome and very inventive, mark not so much.

I had decided to buy a new outfit to hopefully show off my new slender figure – ‘lesbian’ was the comment I got. So I am not sure if that is good or bad!?! We had a quick drink in the bar with Elaine, Dave, Julie, Nick? (crap with names – Just found out, it’s Dan! oops) Jason and John – and to be honest the excitement, lack of food and tiredness meant the wine hit my head pretty quickly!

Off to the bar and a great job had been done organising, and I got to catch up with so many old friends and new faces that I had so far only met via the forum or msn! good times! I can’t be arsed to name everyone as I would be here all night, but you all know who you are.

A few games of pool, and yes I lost miserably, a distinct lack of available men for me to flirt badly with and lots more wine later and the night begins to blur. You see if people give me booze, I drink it. Apologies to anyone I met, I don’t remember talking to you, I most probably did something stupid, so sorry!

There is a vague recollection of the limbo (ragga ragga) and me doing the splits for the first time ever in my life (ouchy)

A few of us headed to Heaven (a gay bar, not the spiritual place) – So big up to J Lil, Mark, Mikey, Adam, Graham and Jo… I think that’s everyone! I hope! Bloody wicked night! Team XTreme you never cease to amaze me!

In we went at Heaven, and we had been in there no more than 5 minutes when Gay Porn Idol began, which basically consisted of 10 hot fit guys stripping and dancing. Number 3 got our vote. I think it was him who pulled out the ‘willy windmill’ – you gotta love a willy windmill! Here is ME DRUNK

Some more dancing later, and I have no clue. I know I got home at 5am, complete with Mark’s coat (it’s mine now) and very sore feet. I arose the next morning to much piss taking and many bruises. I was supposed to have anpther meeting but the boss man booked the wrong frigging train, so it was a mad dash to the station. I got home to be greeted by and angry Monkey and my parents. Oh the pain!

Here are the pics I managed on my shitty phone!