An Interview With Phil (The fella)

Hi Phil, you are my fella… You are sat next to me and wanted a mention on my blog, so here is a short interview so all the people who read my blog (Hi Mum) can get to know you too;
How Old Are You? Today I am feeling too old (he is 24)
Where are you from? Plymouth
What do you do? I am involved in logistics – The logistics of doing nothing whilst I wait to join the RAF as a Survival Equipment Fitter.
Where did you meet Hannah? It was a blind date, and I got into her car pissed out of my face.
What is your favourite food? Roast – of any kind, or steak.
What is your favourite band? Too hard, Primal Scream or the Charlatans, too many to name.
What is your favourite film? Clerks or anything with Jay and Silent Bob in it.
What is your favourite thing about Plymouth? The location, close to the moor yet you have the sea and the beaches around too.
Where was your last holiday to? Dunno it was years ago, erm, dunno, probably Cornwall.
Where in the world would you visit and why? I’d like to visit New Zealand because of the stunning views and the varied landscapes.
What size feet do you have? 10/11
You are ‘trainer tart’ – What are your fave trainers and why? Adidas originals, because of the style and history behind them.
What are you afraid of? Cats. (Editor – he really is! Ha)
Would you ever get married? Don’t know. (Editor – phew!)
Do you want children? Yes (Editor – EEK)
What football team do you support? I sort of support Arsenal, but I don’t really follow football
What is your best feature? I can talk to anyone and get on with everyone, i think… (Editor, yes he chats to everyone… Best feature is his eye lashes though, jealous!)
What feature in other people annoys you? Arrogance and Ignorance

Hannah calls you ‘Ladies Man’ – What’s your secret? I don’t agree!

Phil is in the Orange! This is the night we first met, and he was already drunk when I met him, this was quite some time and many many pints of Guiness later.

Phil in the Orange