Aqua + Jam + Tesco = OUCH

The night started with another session of  Aqua, 10 lengths of various swimming exercise’s were followed by leg lifts in the water… Apparently I can get my legs to 90 degrees which is something new! Then we were made to run in the water around the pool… Ouch! This really hurt my canckles, which had already been hurting today! The youth club was in the jacuzzi watching us bob around – I’d like to see them do what we do! I also managed to wear a swimming cossy that was a little too revealing for my liking, so I skipped a few exercises (well, the harder versions).

A quick steam, shower, change and up to Jam!

Di changed the bloody routine again! Plenty of new people but I still managed to get my spot at the back (no mirrors) and some how managed to avoid being the biggest plonker in the room! Tonight’s Jam was mainly Hip Hop and let’s just say I didn’t carry the ‘big girl’ hip hop moves as well as ‘Martha Cox from High School Musical‘. A few more dances later and it was time to leave. Everything hurt!

I went to Tesco to get a few bits and bobs and some cat food, came home, ate, collapsed and now its time to drag myself upstairs to bed. Ouch.