Avoiding The Gym (318 days to go)

I went for my induction at the gym, and all seemed well. I was being shown the machines when all of a sudden the gym instructors radio pipped up. The locks on the doors seemed to be malfunctioning and he had to abandon the gym induction to let people in and out of doors. So I was left walking on a treadmill, feeling very much like the fresh meat! It’s surprising how many people turn to stare at you from the gym and see what you are up too. It’s not entirely pleasant, but I need to get back on the horse and start my training!
I have lost over half a stone already on the diet I am doing, so that’s all going well – I just need to step up the exercise!
I’ll be booking in some personal training to work out a programme for at least getting me to be able to run instead of walking fast! That change from walking to running seems to be a mental barrier at the moment! But, I need to remember this is for a higher cause!

Stay tuned!