Blood Tests and A Gym Membership

Yesterday was a pretty full on day, what with mixing work with trying to get bits and bobs in order. First thing of the day was to head to the local quacks to have copious amounts of blood taken for testing. After talking to the peeps at York Test, after the test I did the other week, I found out that 65% of people who do the test come back with a positive result… I wasn’t therefore going to waste £250 to find out it was something daft that I never eat like peas! I went the doctor route and discussed the symptoms – he ordered blood tests after a fast to check everything out from Thyroid to Gluten intollerance to blood sugars and everything else you can think of. Fingers crossed they find out soon! The nurses taking blood were running late, so to keep myself occupied I gave up my seat to an elderly lady and even carried another elderly ladies bag down the stairs for her. She responded with “gosh I must be looking old” – humour in old age – brilliant!

So blood taken I headed to the brand spanking new gym that opened round the corner (The Arc) – it’s council run, so a bargain compared to named gyms. So operation marathon is in full swing. Next to get some decent trainers and have a gait analysis done, get some knee supports and actually start running! ha ha ha!

Watch this space!