Bright Digital Minds

If you haven’t heard by now then here is the news;

– I left Existem AM after 3 years
– I moved back in with my parents to Derbyshire
– I turned 26

Most importantly…

– I launched my very own business!

Bright Digital Minds launched on Tuesday 6th September 2011 after lot’s of late nights and long days with the lovely site designer Zak. Set up to help all the small to medium businesses out there manage their social media and blogs, something that should be done, but is quite often shoved to the bottom of the list due to time and resource constraints.
Specialising in training and consultancy along with hands on management, Bright Digital Minds offer a cost-effective outsourced solution to help grow your brand and increase your brand advocates online.

Official blurb over, I am loving being my own boss! I can spend time with my lovely nephew without having to be on a lunch break, I can nip out to the shop to get a paper and best of all – I can wake up at 9am and not worry!

Watch this space, I’ll be bringing you all updates as things move along! If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!