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Zak Typing His Own Name

The below is my gorgeous 2 and a half year old nephew typing his own name – TOO CUTE!






















Powercut Fun – 30,000 homes across Matlock, Darley Dale and Cromford all in darkness

It seems powercuts and me go hand in hand, no matter where I live, I seem to be followed by major powercuts. Or maybe powercuts are just more popular than I remember…
So yesterday afternoon, just before 1pm – everything went dark (well, less lit than usual for a weekday at midday) Apparently a massive explosion at a sub station in Winster caused a huge powercut that wiped out a considerable number of homes across Derbyshire, specifically my home village of Darley Dale.
The afternoon saw traffic lights not working, businesses closing and sending staff home, and a huge amount of candles being sold!!! Shops shut as those lovely automatic doors can’t function without electricity…
Firefighters faught the fire for a good few hours!
Tanks of fish died.
Freezers full of food went off.
Western Power Distribution went AWOL.

Almost 24 hours later and over 5000 homes are still without power!

I’m currently working from my Nan’s house, trying to get something productive done and to charge my phone!

More info here;

What a difference a month makes!

This time one month ago, I was almost home – having got in the car jam packed with all my belongings that hadn’t already been moved. A tearful goodbye to some dear friends and a slow drive and my life was just about to take a dramatic turn. Not only leaving a secure income, good friends and a lovely house, but I was suddenly about to embark on living not just with people again, but my parents, no job, no income and few friends left in the area.

A month on and I haven’t looked back!!!

Things are going really well with the business, old friends are peeping out of the woodwork and I have been up and down the country so much I’m yet to really annoy the parents! Fabulous!

Here is to the next few months!

Hannah x

My Favourite Android Apps

I have finally been in possession of one of these smart type phones for little over a week and whilst I dread my next phone bill, I have had lot’s of fun playing with it and downloading all the fun apps. So here is a quick run down of my favourite ones so far;

AndroidLet’s start with the usual suspects;

Now to the less obvious…
Volcano Report
Scuba Exam Lite
Speak It
Bajan Lingo
Urban Dictionary
New Scientist
QR Droid
Science Facts
Caribbean Foods

I am a total science/scuba geek!

I would give you a link to them all – but that is far too easy! So go, scoot, find the pretties!

Over and out


p.s – I have only had this phone for a small amount of time – so all recommendations are welcome!

A Tale of Sausages and Cider…

Sometimes a weekend will come along that will stand out in memory for a long time to come. This weekend just gone by was exactly that. (Granted some of it is a little fuzzy – more on that later)
When an invite popped up on my facebook to a ‘Sausage and Cider Festival‘ I didn’t even check the date in case I was busy – instant ‘I’m in!’ ┬áThe Clovelly Bay Inn was holding this amazing event!

There were – 4 types of mash, beans or green beans, 3 types of gravy and SEVEN TYPES OF SAUSAGE!!! Never mind the extensive selection of over 21 ciders!
Sausage and Cider Festival Sausage and Cider Festival Sausage and Cider Festival Sausage and Cider Festival

Cider List
Brimblecombe Rum Conditioned 10.0% A.B.V.
Brimblecombe 2004 Vintage 10.0%
Countryman Gold 7.0%
Green Valley Strong Traditional Medium 6.8%
Brimblecombe Blackcurrant 6.5%
Brimblecombe Medium Farmhouse 6.5%
Brimblecombe Dry Farmhouse 6.5%
Countryman Medium 6.5%
Countryman Dry 6.5%
Grays Sweet 6.5%
Grays Medium 6.5%
Grays Dry 6.5%
Grays Sweet 6.5%
Grays Medium 6.5%
Grays Dry 6.5%
Hunts Sweet 6.0%
Hunts Medium 6.0%
Hunts Dry 6.0%
Green Valley Traditional Sweet 5.5%
Green Valley Traditional Medium 5.5%
Green Valley Traditional Dry 5.5%
Cornish Orchards Medium 4.5%
Skinners Press Gang 4.5%
Winkleigh Devon Cider 4.5%
Green Valley Strawberry 4.0%
Gernit Sniffler Mary Tavy %?

Sausage List
Spicy Spanish
Black Pudding & Bacon
Honey Roast
Butchers Banger
Beer & Beef
Pork Cider
Plus a few secret varieties

What can I say – I was more than slightly tiddled after a few ciders, and then spent the weekend craving more sausages! I’m off to find the local butcher who supplied the sausages – Moostone Farm in Wembury to order a box of meat from them! Can life get any better than a box of meat turning up on your door – no, I thought not!

Big thanks to Terri, Martyn, Dean, Paula, Tom, Tracey and Richard for making the day so ‘eventful’ and just brilliant!