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The More I Gym: The More I Hurt – WTF???

I don’t know if this is just because all the jokes I made about being my body slowly failing are coming true or what but I am aching, all day, everyday. The more I go to the gym the more everything hurts! That cannot be right, i hope! If it is true, I’m going back to being fat.

Last night for example, I went to my regular Monday Body Pump. I put my weights up considerably, and felt the burn. I even managed some weights on my neck for a short while whilst squatting before the pain got too much.

I then went onto a serious Body Combat session (ended up as 1 hour 15) It was super intense as there were 2 extra instructors along with Di. Sorry to say this but I had no clue what they were saying, it was like DJ (with Plymouth accent) on the mike disease took over them both! Anyway, it turns out that a lady who used my gym for years and was well loved passed away, so they let rip on us in ode to her.

After that a good 40 minute walk (2.01 miles) and off home.

I got in, and could not walk. I literally collapsed in a heap on the floor in agony, from my canckles to me knees – absolutely everything hurt. I tried getting Monkey (my cat) to help, but she didn’t understand the tears. I eventually got into bed and applied lashings of deep heat. I’m still in pain today, but I keep pushing forward, it’s all about a higher cause. Getting slim again!

Anyone else suffer, or is my body fooked?

Catch Up Post – Busy Girl! Days – 39,40,41,42,43,44 (I think)

I have been so bloody busy lately I havent had the chance to update, so instead of sitting here typing each one up individually, here is a re-cap…

There, I have been.

Day 39 – Swim, Aqua, Jam, Walk – 3 hours – ouch!

My Tuesday night began by arriving at the gym early, so i went for a quick swim, before a dip in the jacuzzi and sauna. Then onto 45mins of aqua workout before another quick dip in the Jacuzzi.

Off i toddled to Jam – Di had already told us that Adam would be teaching the class and recording it as he had to send a tape in so he could become an instructor. Well, he chose an older track I had never even heard of, and it was brilliant, although it took some getting used too. As for Adam’s instructing, he was spot on, really cheery and he kept us all amused whilst burning our excess calories. It was a high energy Jam, so i really felt the burn.

I then stupidly decided to go on the treadmills to do a 2 mile walk. I was having major calf cramps so was struggling to do it, but i faught the burn and managed to finish my exercise marathon at just before 10pm, as they were switching the lights off. oops!

Day 38 – Sunday Morning Body Jam

Well scoopedy scoop, Sunday morning Jam again!  After a good sleep on the Saturday I was ready for Jam, and the class was packed out as usual. I really do love Jam, it’s the kind of class where although you are having a good work out, you don’t feel like it at the time. You cannot help but have a good giggle when you mess up the moves or Di says something funny, or sings along to the tracks. Yes Di, you do sound like Rhianna. I usually end up making a fool of myself just as a hotty walks by. Good work Hannah!

I was supposed to go to RPM but instead came to the office, mainly because i have no internet at home (Thankyou BT and Virgin) I managed to update my websites – Geology Holidays, I Love Scuba Diving – and my blog so i felt much chirpier!

Day 37 – Body Jam – Scoopedy Scoop, Combover and Hips!

Friday Night Jam once more! Hurrah! Di had changed all the tracks to include lots of sexy hip work! Arse wiggling to the basketball guys always amuses my inner core!

Di had a new routine, which is actually an old routine, but I hadnt done it, so it’s new, ok! Anyway the routine involves all sorts of new moves, tapping toes, kicking your legs out, ‘scoopedy scoop’ which is basically scooping and kicking your leg infront of you. ‘combover’ which does what it say on the tin! It’s an intense routine, but really worth while as you sure do feel the burn and sweat buckets!

My self confidence got the better of me once again when I tried running but did manage to up my av speed to 3.8 mph and did a good 2.01 miles in 33.5 minutes.