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2012 – The Big Goals

There seem to be plenty of 2012 resolutions banded about at the moment, most of which were wishes of weight loss, most of these already broken by a New Years Day hangover breakfast. I decided to write my very own goals for 2012, although my first attempt at this was on the 12th July 2011 (or so WordPress tells me) You see, I have known for a while what I wanted 2012 to be, I just needed the courage to set a few wheels in motion. So here goes – some of what I hope to achieve this year;

1) Get to Edinburgh for the Comedy Fringe – Comedy is a massive passion of mine, so hopefully for my birthday in August I’ll be mixing with the best of them at the fringe. Fingers crossed on this one!
2) Dive at least once a month – I haven’t been regularly in the water for some time due to ankles and ears and their associated problems, so I have hunted down a new dive club and hope to get diving more often. It’s just a pain it’s an hour drive and then a few more to the sea – oh well!
3) Visit Barbados once more – Well, as it happens I’m going, it’s an open invite to all to come along – you can see the details here so I won’t bang on too much. They say 5 times and you are a local on the Island, I’m getting there!
4) Perform 1 stand up routine to more people than my family – Watch this space…
5) Grow my business – I had to have one sensible one in there! Plenty of plans already in motion here!
6) Visit at least 1 think visibility and 1 a4u expo and actually sit in some sessions – Hopefully see you all at some sessions throughout the year.
7) Move out of my parents house – Sorry Dad, I’m already looking at places! Just need to decide where in the country I want to be, with friends all over it’s a hard decision!
8.) Change at least 1 persons life – Although I do loan out through KIVA, sometimes you need to help in a more hands on way. I loved volunteering at hospital radio, so I’m going to find a project near by where I can hopefully help make a difference. An hour a week is not a lot to give I don’t think.
9) Lose weight (come on – it had to be there) – Yeah yeah, I know – but I do need to shed a few pounds for the sake of my dodgy knees. Too much time sat at a desk and not enough moving is not a healthy way to live, so hopefully I can find a sport that doesn’t impact on my knees too badly nor make me look ridiculous!
10) Find some love in my life – Tinker, whilst giving cuddles at night, just isn’t a great conversationalist! Watch out boys, I’m looking for love!
11) Visit Friends More – I have friends all over, I have made promises to visit Swansea, Plymouth, London, Oxford, Newcastle and more – bring on the driving tunes!
12) Aptly I’ll finish on 12. I want to learn a new word each day! There must be an app for that?

2011 Roundup

This is for those who were there to smile, for those who weren’t to ponder and for me to cringe. Here is my year in short snippets. See if you can work out what I got up too… I should thank Facebook Timeline for giving me this information, as some had been forgotten!

Car Crash
Random filming with Josh in a loft with Coronation Street Porn
Alexandra Burke

Ciaran had a special birthday
A gift from the Ducks
Monkey moved out
Went to see Mark Watson

Tinker joined Twitter
Bought a new car
Knee Xrays
A special engagement

The Royal Wedding
Terri’s Birthday
EFR and Rescue Diver Course (attempt one)
Badly sprained ankle and chipped bone in my foot
Got hit by a reduced turkey leg
More random moors filming with Josh
Cakes from Gem

got dodgy knee confirmation
went to visit Krystle and others
Tinker turned 2
Watched alot of Dexter
My favourite bowl died

Zak came to visit
I turned blonde
size 12 dress
got bitten, alot
Went out with the English teachers
Attempt 2 at Rescue Diver (bad ears)
one of mystery, cornish lands, 3 yr old squirrel killers, lobster pots, ferry’s, sheet plastic, spiders and nails…
Zak turned 2
Jacob turned 1
Handed my notice in

4th July BBQ at maggies
Sausages and Cider
Shit in a bin (not me)
Joined the mobile internet revolution
Sent Tinker and my belongings home early

A night in a pop up play tent
Surprise brownies
Had a birthday
Car died a few times
Left work
Jason Manford
Peter Andre / worst hangover ever
Hotel room flannels
Court case

Business launch
Northern sleepover
Facebook Timeline

Peter Kay
Matt Cardle
£3.99 meal
Big knives in Manchester with Josh

Business cards
Sheffield Meet Up
Babies born (not mine)
WWE Sheffield
Mick Foley Stand Up Tour
Towel Origami
The Piracy

Christmas Cards
Grandma’s 80th
Girly sleepovers
Wakefield Curries
Rumble Sales
Generous friends and clients
Affiliate Getaway Launched
Christmas crap
The Rams

Here’s to an equally eventful 2012!

What a difference a month makes!

This time one month ago, I was almost home – having got in the car jam packed with all my belongings that hadn’t already been moved. A tearful goodbye to some dear friends and a slow drive and my life was just about to take a dramatic turn. Not only leaving a secure income, good friends and a lovely house, but I was suddenly about to embark on living not just with people again, but my parents, no job, no income and few friends left in the area.

A month on and I haven’t looked back!!!

Things are going really well with the business, old friends are peeping out of the woodwork and I have been up and down the country so much I’m yet to really annoy the parents! Fabulous!

Here is to the next few months!

Hannah x

Bright Digital Minds

If you haven’t heard by now then here is the news;

– I left Existem AM after 3 years
– I moved back in with my parents to Derbyshire
– I turned 26

Most importantly…

– I launched my very own business!

Bright Digital Minds launched on Tuesday 6th September 2011 after lot’s of late nights and long days with the lovely site designer Zak. Set up to help all the small to medium businesses out there manage their social media and blogs, something that should be done, but is quite often shoved to the bottom of the list due to time and resource constraints.
Specialising in training and consultancy along with hands on management, Bright Digital Minds offer a cost-effective outsourced solution to help grow your brand and increase your brand advocates online.

Official blurb over, I am loving being my own boss! I can spend time with my lovely nephew without having to be on a lunch break, I can nip out to the shop to get a paper and best of all – I can wake up at 9am and not worry!

Watch this space, I’ll be bringing you all updates as things move along! If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!


Life’s a funny old thing

Well, it is isn’t it. Who would have thought that a volcano obsessed skinny teenager would have been on amazing trips to various countries, would have left her ‘career’ in Geology and would now be working in online marketing. Madness. I always swore blind i’d never do anything but chase volcanoes making amazing docmentaries, saving lives – heroic David Attenborough stuff – that was what I was destined for. A few ‘wrong’ choices here and there and what can I say – here I am.

So, I’m now 25, moving speedily towards 26 and I’m the owner of 1.5 cats (see previous posts for more on that). I live exactly 273 miles away from home and it seems like all of my nearest and dearest are getting married or popping out babies (or both)! Me I’m still trundling along in my singledom waiting for my Prince Charming – as I think most girls do to a certain extent! Damn you Disney!

And so – the reason for my blog post, the thing some of you may have guessed by now. I’m leaving EAM, leaving Plymouth and heading home! That’s right campers! After almost 3 years here – I decided that it was time for me to pack up my troubles in my old kit bag, and run off back to Mummy and Daddy Swift. Since I moved here I became an Auntie and have missed the first few years of many of my closest friends, childrens lives. I have missed weddings and divorces, illnesses and most of all my family.

I’m doing something that to be honest I have been quite snobbish about in the past. I said I would never move home, never go back to the small town I grew up in, but at least for the time being, that’s where I’ll be. Luckily/Unluckily for me, I had a car crash earlier this year which meant i had some cash hanging around, it also made me reconsider life. Although the crash was by no means bad, it was enough to shake me.

Work you might ask? As gutted as I am to be leaving EAM, after 3 years, it’d be hard not to be a little upset – let’s face it. I have to go! So I’m being brave/stupid and moving without any work to go to. I have a little cash set aside to pay my way, and hopefully my lovely parents will not charge me too much in rent! (I know you read this Dad, so take the hint :) )

All I will say for now is;

– Thanks for reading
– Keep in touch
– Watch this space!

Hannah xxx