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Monkey Has Moved Out :(

I figured it was about time I gave you all an update on my darling Monkey. Well, she no longer lives with me. I got Monkey by accident really, I was helping my dear friend Cat (an actual person) find a new kitty, and was drawn to an ad on gumtree for a kitten who just wasn’t fitting into her new home. Myself and another friend Dirk set off in the Proton to go and see Monkey, and she was so timid, I just couldn’t leave her there. I was her 3rd home in as many days. She was the cutest little thing when I got her;
She and I spent many happy days together, chasing toys, having cuddles and her love of Jamie Oliver (would always watch if he was on telly – odd!) We moved to from Watford to Plymouth and she was my very special to me. I’m not sure where it all came from but she just turned, decided she didn’t like me, the house, and especially hated Tinker.
Monkey was never an aggressive cat, and just wanted to be around me, being fussed all the time. I can only pin point it to the aftermath of her ‘snip’. She had been coming on heat quite regularly, and although my original plan was to breed her, after being shown what it involved on youtube, and seeing her in heat, i wisely decided against it. When she was in heat, i could only describe it as her being in pain. As it turns out, she was. She has a massive cyst on her ovary.
When I went to collect her from the vet, they said she was being nasty, and they may need my help to remove her from her cage, I laughed “Monkey? She’s never even hissed” Well, things changed after then, I even told the vet (it’s on her records) All she wanted to do was be outside, and not around me anymore, often neighbours in the street would comment at how violent she was.
Then, to top things, along came Tinker. I had seen Monkey with what I can only describe as a kitty pal, so in my infinite wisdom I decided another kitten would be fine in the house. How wrong I was. Although on a few chance moments, she could be found near him, and even washing him, from day 1 she hated him. She would hiss, growl and attack if he came near, often cowering in a corner. She never came home any more and if she did, would only hiss at me and him.
It’s traumatic for a cat owner, as my first real pet that I truly loved, to see her so miserable at home with no way of making things better. I was seemingly left with a choice, get rid of Tinker, in the hope she would come home and be happy again, or let her carry on with what she was doing. After consulting a vet, I made the decision to stop trying to get her in the house, not a decision I made lightly. I still love her, and still hope she’ll come home. I still see her around, but she comes no where near me. I know other people in the street have taken her in, and she always looks well, if anything a little tubby. So there you go, a sad story for me, but hopefully my little boo will be happy now.

I leave you with my favourite ever picture of her;

Missing Moggy – Monkey

That’s right folks. Monkey is missing!


If anyone has seen Monkey since Saturday, please please please let me know. I’m rather worried to say the least.

EDIT – She came back – fear not father!

Monkey And The Fox

Firstly, there is a reason there is no picture on this post. Why? Because if I had taken a picture of the following tale, it would be too graphic to put on here. You have been warned.

A few weeks ago now (a Sunday), Monkey came in from playing outside and was all of a sudden very clingy, not wanting to leave my side. This is very strange for Monkey. The next day I went to work as usual (only to be sent home with the Swine Flu, more on that in a separate post) and Monkey had not moved from the sofa and was continually licking around her back end. Thinking nothing of it and heading for bed I left her too it.

A few days passed and I caught Monkey still licking. At this point (given her refusal to go outside too) I was concerned. I should mention that she would growl when you stroked her near her tail. Thinking she had been hit by a car and had maybe broken her tail I began to crap my pants. I’m ill, Christmas is coming and I dont want huge bills from the vet, or even worse a very sick cat.

By chance, the little bugger turned around and I managed to catch a glimpse of a sore patch on her bottom type area. She wasnt happy with me looking so I left her too it, and stayed on the sofa with her to try and stop her licking any more.

The next day we headed to the vets to see what the damage was, I feared the worst thinking it could be very serious with x-rays and the such like – poor mr bank…

The vet took Monkey into a room on her own and after a while called me in to look (if I had the stomach). She had cleaned up the wound and had shaven the hair surrounding. I have a strong stomach but even that made me feel ill. My poor baby had a gaping wound in her bottom about the size of the base of a mug (guestimate there) …

Something had bitten her (probably the Sunday), it had bitten through the muscles and it had gotten badly infected. Before anyone starts, there was no way I could have known, and the vet said so herself. Trust me, I beat myself up properly! My poor baby was too infected for stitches, so off we went with an almighty dose of painkillers and antibiotics, and yet another collar!

After a few days I took her back for a check up and more antibiotics and a quick clean up. Luckily she was making progress so no stitches were required just yet! PHEW!

2 weeks later and she was finally ready to have her collar off, it fully healed (leaving a nice scar) and she was able to go outside and play again, no stitches, just a whacking great bill from the vet and some very graphic images I will never remove from my brain.

From talking to the vet and knowing the surrounding area it looks like Monkey was being her usual aggressive self when something bigger had a pop. She went to run away and the bugger bit her bum! Judging by the size of the wound it was not another cat but most probably a fox or dog!

So watch out foxes, Monkey is back with a vengeance!

Duck Cake – AMAZING – Thanks Loquax

yummy yummy! And what a suprise! Jason of Loquax fame and his lovely mrs Jude made me a duck birthday cake, complete with duck wing markings! The cake was incredibly scrumptious! Jason is an excellent chef, and he should strongly consider a career change. I am told he is available for birthdays and weddings and the such like!

Loquax Duck Cake

Loquax Duck Cake

Meet Mr. Tinker

Mr. Tinker is the latest edition to Chez Swift. Born at approx. 6am 17/5/2009 he came to live with me and Monkey just over a week ago! He comes from Emma and Jason Brockman’s (of Easy Content Unit fame) cat Deliah.

You can see Tinker here in his first picture, he is the one 2nd in from mummy cats back leg. with the white neck. Emma was great and put plenty of pics on facebook for myself and the other new kitten owners to swoon over.

So Tinker came home last Friday night after me getting lost many many times trying to get to Jason and Emma’s house! He settled straight in and was Mr brave, jumping on everything, sniffing everything and running up and down the stairs! He can almost always be found fighting feathers or purring, his 2 favourite things! Or walking over my laptop!

Tinker and Monkey didnt exactly get on, infact its only now, 8 days later that they are beginning to like each other. Monkey just growled and hissed at him, never going to strike him, just angry sounds, so Monkey had to go outside at nights and was under parental control for sometime.

Here are some more pictures of him looking very cute!!!

Here are Tinker’s favourite things;
Feathers – any type or colour, they are fun to chase
Monkey’s tail – another great toy
Food – human or kitten, he’ll eat it – including attempts at curry… strange
Sleep – he occassionally sleeps, but dont move or make noise, he’ll wake up
Purring – he is a very happy kitty
Climbing – especially the backs of my legs
Me – he likes me, i provide all of the above

Tinker is very special, he had 6 toes (, the pads on his paws are a mix of pink and black and he has black bits on his lips too – you can see it on the pictures, it looks like he has black lippy on and is pouting!

Anyone who meets Mr. Tinker will fall madly in love and may try to steal him, but he is mine all mine! mwah ha ha