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One Daft Kitty

He doesn’t quite understand he is defeating the object here by pushing the stick under the carpet, not getting it out! Bless him!

Check out half way through, looks like his thumbs are bending backwards! Odd moggy!

Gone Off Tesco Cat Food Makes Me Vomit

When attempting to feed my wee kitty Tinker this morning, I followed my usual steps, move him from my leg (which he likes to climb when he thinks there is food) reach into the box of kitten food, pull out packet, tear off top, put in bowl, watch Tinker devour…
gone off kitten food

This morning was not normal though… look what I found. I literally vommitted on the spot. The smell was so disgusting that I didn’t just heave, but I threw up. I can still smell it now even though I braved picking it up and threw it straight in the bin outside. Honestly, I have never smelt anything so rancid, and I was a student for 3 years! YUK!!! I should point out that I had to don my scuba mask to protect my nose and eyes and to stop further sickness.
rotten cat food

As you can see, it shouldn’t have gone off until Aug 2011…
kitten food

Cheers Tesco for making me vomit, needless to say a complaint is winging it’s way to your customer services team as I type here.


The Case of The Mystery Purple Foot

So here is a mystery for you all. I came home this evening and let Tinker the little scamp out in the garden. As I watched him run I noticed he had a purple foot! His hair is purple on the bottom of his foot. I tried to take some pics but they came out very dark – it’s a much brighter purple. There are no purple foot marks around the house and nothing around the garden… He was out for a little while last night, but I didnt notice anything then. He has been in all day… So how did he get 1 purple foot? Ideas on a postcard or comment PLEASE!




Meet Mr. Tinker

Mr. Tinker is the latest edition to Chez Swift. Born at approx. 6am 17/5/2009 he came to live with me and Monkey just over a week ago! He comes from Emma and Jason Brockman’s (of Easy Content Unit fame) cat Deliah.

You can see Tinker here in his first picture, he is the one 2nd in from mummy cats back leg. with the white neck. Emma was great and put plenty of pics on facebook for myself and the other new kitten owners to swoon over.

So Tinker came home last Friday night after me getting lost many many times trying to get to Jason and Emma’s house! He settled straight in and was Mr brave, jumping on everything, sniffing everything and running up and down the stairs! He can almost always be found fighting feathers or purring, his 2 favourite things! Or walking over my laptop!

Tinker and Monkey didnt exactly get on, infact its only now, 8 days later that they are beginning to like each other. Monkey just growled and hissed at him, never going to strike him, just angry sounds, so Monkey had to go outside at nights and was under parental control for sometime.

Here are some more pictures of him looking very cute!!!

Here are Tinker’s favourite things;
Feathers – any type or colour, they are fun to chase
Monkey’s tail – another great toy
Food – human or kitten, he’ll eat it – including attempts at curry… strange
Sleep – he occassionally sleeps, but dont move or make noise, he’ll wake up
Purring – he is a very happy kitty
Climbing – especially the backs of my legs
Me – he likes me, i provide all of the above

Tinker is very special, he had 6 toes (, the pads on his paws are a mix of pink and black and he has black bits on his lips too – you can see it on the pictures, it looks like he has black lippy on and is pouting!

Anyone who meets Mr. Tinker will fall madly in love and may try to steal him, but he is mine all mine! mwah ha ha