Choosing The Best Jelly Bean

A while back now, I received an incredible gift completely out of the blue, that I am still eating and drinking my way through. The lovely lovely people known as Frank and Gem bought me the best gift ever, lots of chocolates, sweets and booze! Awesome people! One part of the gift was this;
Me and Matt my better half sat down and reviewed them all!
1) Buttered Popcorn – tastes very realistic, not Matt’s favourite. Strong aftertaste
2) Wild Blackberry – Very very strong flavour.
3) Cream Soda – not my favourite, sickly sweet. Matt thinks it’s quite plain.
4) Cantaloupe – tastes very much like melon. yummy
5) Cinnamon – i’m not touching that one!!! Matt says it reminds him of childhood sweets. Aniseed balls?
6) Lemon Lime – Tastes like lime cordial, less lemony. A bit like fizzy limeade.
7) Orange Sherbert – Not very sherberty or orangey.
8.) Cappuccino – Not for me, I don’t drink coffee. Matt spat it out!
9) Strawberry Jam – tangy! Tastes just like jam! We want some clotted cream and a scone!
10) Peanut Butter – wow, very very realistic! bring on the toast and jam!
11) Crushed Pineapple – tastes like dried pineapple.
12) Candy Floss – i thought quite tasteless, definitely not like candyfloss.
13) Watermelon – Matt says very watery. I think a poor version of number 4. Slight bubble gum taste.
14) Chocolate Pudding – very rich chocolate flavour.
15) Berry Blue – ooh! thats jam packed with flavour! Matt likes that one, manufactured flavour, but very nice.
16) Toasted Marshmallow – not sure it tastes of marshmallow. very nice flavour though. smooth.
17) Strawberry Daiquiri – softer flavour to number 9. Matt thinks its not great but does taste of strawberry
18) Mango – packed with mango flavour. very nice.
19) Caramel Apple – tastes like the smell of rabbit/hamster food. odd.
20) Pina Colada – overpowered with coconut, undertones of pineapple. perfect pina colada.
21) Kiwi – tastes like kiwi, but a manufactured kiwi.
22) Caramel Corn – ooh yum. tastes very accurate. just like being at the cinema
23) Very Cherry – reminds me of the lipstick you get as a kid. very nice and cherry like.
24) Tuttu-Fruitti – just like bubble gum! amazing!
25) Orange – tastes like orange calippo or ice lollies.
26) Jalapeno – cor blimey! very very accurate! gives the tongue a nice sting
27) Cherry Cola -i think its tastes just like a can of cherry cola, matt says not enough cola.
28) Strawberry Cheesecake – its a nice creamy strawberry. like the chupa chups lollies.
29) Island Punch – a bit tasteless, similar to a bubblegum flavour. nothing to shout about.
30) Peach – ooh. strong flavour, very peachy
31) Coconut – totally tropical taste. lovely!
32) Lemon Drop – its a fake lemon, but a nice flavour. a bit like the lemon drop sweets.
33) Raspberry – very very raspberry! delicious!
34) Root Beer – i didnt want to try, Matt thought it was a nice taste, but not. not overly sure. tastes like deep heat
35) Bubble Gum – very nice and very accurate.
36) Sizzling Cinnamon – not touching that with a barge pole. Matt likes it
37) Cafe Late – i dont like and Matt is unimpressed
38) Top Banana – i wont touch it. Matt likes it!
39) Red Apple – amazing flavour. just like apple!
40) Vanilla – one of my favourites. tastes like really expensive ice cream.
41) Plum – strong flavour! very nice though
42) Margarita – almost tastes of alcohol! very nice
43) Blueberry – cant quite work out that taste.
44) Lemon – tastes like lemon meringue pie! yum!
45) Tangerine – not a strong flavour. nice, bit plain.
46) Juicy Pear – tastes just like pear. one of the more accurate flavours.
47) Liquorice – not for either of us.
48) Green Apple – tastes like a medicine. nice though
49) Pink Grapefruit – accurate taste! yummy!
50) Grape – reminds me of those flavoured pens you had as a kid. nice.

Overall my favourite was; Number 39 – Red Apple
Matt’s favourite was; Number 25 – Orange

Yum yum yum!

Thanks again to Frank and Gem!