Chris Brown – Millionaire and Secret Softy

I just wanted to write a quick post about my fellow tea lover, Mr Chris Brown, who just appeared in this evening’s ‘Secret Millionaire’. (view here)

The programme was funny at times, thought provoking and most of all – tear jerking! I wasn’t watching alone, so fought back the tears as much as possible, however I shall watch again – tissues and chocolate in hand!

I think this episode was inspiring on a number of levels, firstly, I have the privilege of knowing Chris, so everything he did I could identify, secondly – he was in the North and thirdly – it just goes to show what a super guy he is. He gave £50k to people that genuinely needed it – the facts at the end of the programme can only prove that!

You only have to look at the twitter and facebook updates on Secret Millionaire to see the support Chris and the projects he is helping have;

You can also see some of the projects he is helping here –

There are plenty of ways there you can get involved too! So get your purses out people!

I’m not really sure of the reason for this post, just to say I was really touched by the programme and what Chris did, I’m an avid fan of the show and feel honoured to know Chris – I just hope that he has inspired others, like he has me.

I’ll say again what I said to him on facebook – you need a hand with any of the projects you are involved in, you let me know! You are a legend!