Day 10 In The Gym: Aqua and Jam

Day 10, wow, is it only 10? Anyway, day 10 started at 7pm with an hour in the pool doing Aqua stuff… I promised a few people some funny stories of my gymming experience today so here goes…

Aqua was run by the same person as my initial experience of body pump – so I was already crapping my pants! I found out she has just qualified as a teacher, which makes things so much clearer! I met some new people who I shared a steam with and they built up the class to be the most hardcore class in the whole gym complex place. Well, to be honest I found it REALLY easy.

The class started with these floaty things under various body parts whilst swimming lengths. After 10 or 15 of these lengths it was time to float and raise various body parts. Now those of you who have ever seen me in water know, IM BOUYANT!!!! So these exercises were a breeze!!! I love it when you get praise for being new and looking like you are trying hard when actually, you just float.

Now, the only issue i have with this class is that the two swimming lanes, outside pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room are still open. The youth club was out in force and sat in the jacuzzi staring at us all! So when bouncing around doing press ups on the side of the pool it was quite off putting to have young ‘cool dude’ kids having a giggle. I’d like to see them try and lift themselves out of the water! Wank8*s!!! Oh and 80’s porn star was about too! In tight speedo’s – bleurgh!

A few more exercises later including these floats in the shape of dumbells, and some stretches and it was time for me to get in the jacuzzi and chill out. There were 3 guys in there, I would guess around the 20-21 mark, boy did they make me giggle!!! They were discussing the ins and outs of women with accents, apparently American accents really do it for them, but ‘Cock-er-ny’ accents don’t. They then went on to discuss the ins and outs of their car finance packages and insurance costs… My interest wained and so I got out ready for Jam…

Body Jam started and a couple of the girls from Aqua came along for their first go. Man I really love Body Jam. Di makes it so easy, the music rocks, and I can dance along to all my fave hip hop tracks without looking like a flaily fat bird! I really went for it tonight and felt the burn! I even stayed behind after class with Di to get some groovy moves right! I left the gym at 9.50!

I have to give a big up to Aldo (Ragga Man) who gave me some handy tips for going to the gym and not eating crap each day! You rock dude!!!

I’m now enjoying a large glass of white! oops!