Day 11 In The Gym: Body Pump Tesco Combo

Day 11 in the gym had it’s moments… I actually thought that my third and final gym induction was at 6.30pm today, well, it wasn’t it was on Monday – whoops! So I went to the gym for 8pm after pulling a late one at work. Got changed and went to beg for forgiveness…

INDUCTION RE-SCHEDULED – NEXT WEDS – 6PM (someone remind me please!!!!)

I still had a while to kill before ‘Body Pump’ with Di. (I managed to swing a place from a last minute drop out!) so I did a little rowing in the gym, lots of skinny girls and beefed up guys, not ideal for lard arses like me.

So 8.30 came around and we got started with body pump, which to be honest i hate. After my first ever taster of body pump which crippled me for a good 2 days I was reluctant to ever do it again. They caught me off guard when they called and I didn’t realise what I was agreeing to! But as it was Di, I thought I would give it a go.

Di actually once again made exercise fun and although it hurt like hell on the final few lifts of the bar I did them and winced in quiet. Body pump is said by everyone in the class to really change your body shape, and to be honest from only 2 classes I can see what they mean. You work every muscle in your body and really test your stamina and persistence.

Then on to tescos to prepare for the arrival of my house guest… That and I was bloody starving! I managed to grab some sneaky pics of the Easter section for Lee and accidentally treated myself to a teeny egg! oops!