Day 13 In The Gym: Step and Body Jam

Yet another Friday night at the gym! (I’m sad, I know) I decided to try out Di’s Step class and boy was it a shocker. I know why it said int/adv on the description! Luckily me and a few of the other newbee’s went to the back and stayed there trying to die quietly. Step does what it says on the tin, you basically use the step to add an extra dimension to your workout and boy does it get the back of your legs! Di was extra strict in step and i re-named her hitler! I got in trouble for practicing a few Jam moves at the back. I think the main reason I don’t get on with step is that I just don’t trust the step. I’m petrified I will fall. I think once I am fitter I will give it another go, but for now I’m going to leave it.

A ten minute break and straight into Body Jam. There were loads of new people in so I was forced from my usual spot at the back into the row in front. Yikes! That means people staring at my bum! Di changed the routine again, so I look like a fool in 3 various routines now. Although this one was actually pretty good, it was easy to pick up and included some Beyonce moves!

I got home to prepare for my visitor, but promptly fell asleep on the sofa, lights on, tv on… Monkey kept waking me up throughout the night but I was having none of it and kept sleeping!