Day 15 In The Gym: I Am Officially Dead

Day 15 started at 6pm with my final induction in the gym, and no, I still haven’t been in there apart from for inductions and the odd row. The power plates were my final induction. The power plates are basically machines that vibrate. So you stand or sit in certain poses to activate a muscle and then the machine works it by vibrating. I was showed  few positions and gave it a good go but when it came to the abs and sitting down on the machine, it was a no no… The vibrations straight up the arse hole did not feel good, so i quickly jumped off.

Next down to the pool for a few lengths, I didn’t do my usual 20, i was 2 short at 18 lengths, a nice soak in the jacuzzi and i was ready for the next session. (I better point out I twisted by back during the day and couldn’t walk properly, hence the 2 less on the swim and the long jacuzzi.)

Next up was body combat this time with Dan. I had never met Dan before and unlike Di, he didn’t introduce himself, check I was doing ok etc etc,  instead he chose to focus on the regulars leaving a few of us struggling at the back. The only good thing was that he was breathing heavily and sweating after the first few numbers. He also chose to show off a little with the height he could get his legs when kicking and arms when punching… This is all well and good if we were all experts, but we were not.

An hour later and a 5 minute break to fill up my water and breathe before body pump. Thank god I saw Di come in the room not someone else. I knew i was in safe hands! I was wrong! Di wasn’t letting me get away with anything, she kept making me up my weights! I was waining as everything was hurting! I managed to get through the hour and afterwards Di pulled me to one side, she had noticed the discomfort I had been in, even when I was hiding right at the back! I Explained a few of the moves gave me crippling neck and headaches as I tense my shoulders. So she gave me some tips and some new techniques to try next week! Rock on Di! You legend!

I left the gym at just about 10pm. I have eaten, but can barely move. I sense pain tomorrow. I am feeling rather dead, so mum, look after Monkey, and make sure my rocks and books on rocks are kept safe!

It’s been nice knowing you all! Hee hee!