Day 16 In The Gym: Body Vive (Not So Much Alive)

Day 16 consisted of just 1 class, i figured after nearly killing myself last night I better take it easy and just do body vive.  So I grabbed a ball, band thingy and mat and found my space. I got ushered to the front as apparently ‘i knew what i was doing’. Vive has some funky tunes including Bobby Brown, Copa Cabana, actually its a great mix of tunes from high pumping songs to relaxing in the tai chi number.

I picked up the red band, which is the mid strength one, but noticed a few new people at the back with blue ones (the devils bands) so kindly swapped… BIG mistake. Di changed the routines making everything twice as hard, and there is me with the hardest ruddy band. Oh well, I gave it a good go!

I also noticed when getting changed a massive inappropriate hole appearing in my gym leggings, DOH! This meant some quite uncomfortable fidgeting to make sure nobody saw anything ‘private’.

I stupidly just wasted all my efforts though with a curry and chips! Oops! Off to bed now though!

Just to prove my attendance (bear in mind it isnt updated for today yet)