Day 17 In The Gym: Body Jam and Flamenco!!!

Day 17, and Friday night Jam! The class wasn’t that busy tonight which was perfect for me as it meant I didn’t look stupid infront of too many people! Di was on her usual top form, entertaining yet pushing you to work a little harder!
I’m finally beginning to pick up the routines although spent most of the class with cramp in my ankles, which was fun, I was also highly distracted by the vast quantity of hot guys walking past!

After class me and Linz (sorry if that is spelt wrong!!!) went down stairs into the bar to watch the end of the Flamenco taster the gym had put on! It was pretty awesome actually and the 3 dancers were strutting their funky stuff! They even had some sangria type stuff and tapas! Very cool! I only stayed for a quick beer, said good night to Di and toddled off home, just in time for American Idol!!!

Another good night at the gym!