Day 18 In The Gym, Body Pump and Body Combat! Ouch!

Day 18 and a mad dash to gym to be there for Claire’s 6pm Body Pump! Luckily Di had given me some top tips as to making Pump a little more ‘bearable’. I get really violent pains in my neck when resting the weight bar on it and doing any sit ups, not sure why, but a quick chat with Di, and she gave me some tips that although harder on the old leggies, i don’t get any pain in my neck.
Claire is ok as an instructor, and we did a different routine than usual, although she wasn’t great at counting the routine out like other instructors do, it certainly makes is more interesting totry and lift the weights.

Then I hung around to see  if I could sneak into Di’s body combat class, which as it turns out was a big mistake. She really went for it and even though I was at the back so could take it easy, Di kept wandering round pushing every last ounce of energy out of you. Which is actually when you think about it, quite handy, when you lose your own motivation, there is Di ready to give you a little nudge!

When I finally finished, i limped off to the car, got home and was quite pumped, so made a proper meal, then went to bed to watch possibly the worst film ever, it was so bad I won’t even mention it!!!