Day 19 In The Gym – Aqua and Jam!

Day 19… It feels like 119 not 19! Straight into the pool for 45 minutes with Miranda and Aqua! 10 lengths of various swimming with the stupid bloody floats, have you seen my boobs? I have in built floats woman! Some leg kicking and press ups and some crazy sit up type things. Then onto the running. We did about 12-15 laps of the pool running in various ways with weights. This makes my cankles sore!! ouchy! Luckily the regular youth club didn’t arrive until almost the end of the class! PHEW! Into the jacuzzi for a quick relax and then onto the changing rooms ready for Jam!

When changing I noticed a sore rash on my inner bingo wing – more on this later. Up to Jam and armed with a few cups of cold water and I was ready to rock and roll. The class before us is something to do with bikes and the people get really sweaty, which in turn lands on the floor in puddles. The buggers leave the sweat on the floor and sod of after their class. EWWWWWWWWW. Not only is it a health and safety hazard, its also bloody disgusting and unhygienic, and we have to clear it up!

So into Jam and the rash on my arm started to really bug me, its sore!!! Apparently it’s caused by the blasted floats that you have under your arm. I’m ditching the floats next week… Nothing gets in the way of Jam! I’m slowly picking up the combinations now and am really enjoying the latest one – hip hop, salsa and some more funky moves! There was some personal space infringement tonight, but my flaily arms and legs soon gave her reason to run and hide!

My fave part of Jam is when Di says ” See Ya!” which basically means, – COME ON!!!!!!!!! I always find myself smiling and giving it an extra push when hearing those words!