Day 2 In the Gym

Day 2 of the gym consisted of an hour session of ‘Body Jam’ which is basically Latin dancing, street, hip hop, in fact any type of movement you can possibly imagine all rolled into an hour of really high energy bopping!  So after an hour of intense exercise i headed to the swimming pool! another 20 lengths done! I did 6 lengths and then spoke to the lifeguard about using my snorkel. I went and got it and then 16 more lengths under the water with my snorkel! swimming is so much easier with a snorkel! Then i nipped into the sauna for 5 minutes! very nice until 2 young lads got in and started pouring cold water down themselves! it was like being part of some porn film. Their sexuality was soon confirmed when they started oogling the girls in the pool! The pool and jacuzzi was filled with young girls and toned guys… It was very amusing, young girls strutting their stuff in skimpy bikinis trying to get the attention of the local boys! hilarious, i should of taken a video camera and done a voice over! after the sauna i nipped in the steam room which smelt and kinda tasted of vicks vapour rub.  5 minutes later, some more free soap in the shower (smells like aqua di gio) and then to the chippy for a kebab and chips. oops. 2 hours wasted with some chips!

Total hours clocked in the gym – 3