Day 21 In The Gym: Aqua and Jam

Day 21 and my first day back after my eventful trip to London (must complete that post with more gossip). I spent the weekend in bed feeling horrible and managed to sleep 13 hours on the Friday night and another 12 the Saturday night. The rest was spent on the sofa under my slanket feeling sorry for myself.

So when Tuesday came around (yes, I took Monday off) and it was time for the gym, I desperately did not want to go. 5 days off and I knew I would hurt!

I started with Aqua and instead of the usual routine which is nice and easy, Miranda changed the whole lot so we started off by running laps, trust me, this is not easy, especially when carrying weights! I gave it my best shot and after last weeks swimming costume choice disaster, I went for a swimming costume and swimming shorts over the top. There was a very nice looking young man in the Jacuzzi with an awesome tattoo down his side so I may have been distracted for a few of the exercises! oops! A few more watery based aerobicish activities later and time for a quick steam…

Onwards and up the stairs to Body Jam, and I was ready to work hard. Me and Louise took our usual spots at the back and welcomed a newbee… Di the bugger, changed all the ruddy routines too! Talk about exhausting! The routines were awesome actually, some funky hip hop moves! The newbee was doing brilliantly too, better than all of us put together… Even better than that, when a nice looking man walked past, she causally informed me her sister was a cheerleader so knew some of them… Note to self, make friends with newbee!!!

So that was day 22, eventful and i worked hard!