Day 22 – Body Combat Then Body Pump! GRR!

Day 22 started in a bit of a rush to get to the gym as a quick phone call to my mum ended up with her telling me all about her using facebook to look for long lost relatives! I got to Body Combat and lo and behold, Dan changed all the routines. GRR! So it was back to the beginning for me, un co-ordinated, flapping around and nearly knocking people out! Fun! Although mid way through a high paced routine he did break out some pretty impressive break dancing moves (I didn’t pay to see this, but added freebies never go amiss with me!) There was then a rather bizarre move we had to do – a flying kick – without knowing the technique for this I daren’t even begin to describe what an utter moron I looked… I was absolutely shattered after an hour of kicking and punching and running and sit-upping and various other ‘ings’ so took the 5 minute break between classes to sit in the corner and whimper quietly! HA I wish!

In came Di for Body Pump and into another hour of hardcore muscle toning we went, I’m still sticking with my special techniques do to the horrid pains i get in my neck. (must see doctor) But it means I have to squat further to the floor, which trust me hurts so much more! Luckily Di was on top form and even let out a couple of “See-Ya’s” for an extra boost! I’m slowly beginning to up my weights each time, although I don’t think I’ll be entering World’s Strongest Female any time soon. Di was even kind enough to bring handouts with descriptions of all the techniques we do so that we can perfect them at home and make sure we target the correct muscles! I of course grabbed one copy of each, shoved them in my gym bag where they currently lie, untouched… I will read them, promise!

One thing I did notice was my hands kept slipping, so next pay day I’m investing in some sexy gloves;