Day 23 – Body Vive, Oops I forgot my trainers!

Day 23 started in the changing rooms having a quick catch up with Deryn (hope I spelt that right) and Jane (same there) as they headed up to class, i got changed only to realise I had cleverly left my trainers at home! DOH! So i tottered upstairs in my leggings, vesty top and fake uggs, yes fake. Indeed they are from that little known entity Primark, cost about £6 and are falling to bits!  I’m a tight fisted northern bird who refuses to pay more than £10 for a pair of shoes!

Anyway, class was great! I was a front row rebel again and shook my ass to some funky tunes! Ive noticed with the vast number of classes I have been doing, I’m less sweaty (yes girls sweat) and less out of breath, and more flexible! WOO So I can squat right down, and lunge it, and I can cock my legs up high too! It is quite new being able to move body parts in new ways. One day I might even be able to do the splits! I have done them once, when i was about 9, and two girls at primary school shoved me down into them… OUCH!

After class myself, Deryn and Jane went for a quick drink at the bar and Jane’s husband Tony (I think it’s Tony) bought  me a nice sprite… yummy! We had some cool chats including discovering Di has a full time job as well as teaching us lot every night! and I was given the number of a local vet, as Monkey needs her lady bits chopping out, only to return home to Monkey on heat! *sigh* a week of annoyance ahead!