Day 24 In The Gym – Body Jam – Saucy!

Day 24 and I was running late again, I had gotten enthralled in my Geology Holidays site and was on a blogging mission. I arrived at the gym, found a car parking space and ran to Jam. Luckily Di hadn’t started so I managed to sneak in at the back. There were loads of newbee’s so I decided to be brave and went a row forward into the middle. That was a mistake as Di changed all the tracks again, so i looked like a beached turtle flailing around! SEXY! Of course, being Friday night all the hot guys were in and there I was looking like a foooooooooool!

The second half of pump was the routine I knew so I gave it my all and worked my arse off! I especially love the cool down where we grind around the room and as Di says we are ‘saucy’ After class I came straight home to start some more work on my sites! fun fun fun!