Day 25 – Early Sunday Morning Jam

Sundays are usually my day for chilling out and relaxing on the sofa with a cuppa and crap tv. However today I had booked in at 9.30am with Di for a session of Body Jam. Me being me, I slept through a couple of alarms and got up late. A mad dash to the gym to discover I had forgotten my swipe card. They let me in and I ran up to class.

It was PACKED in there, but I managed to sneak into my usual position in the back. It was the same tracks as Friday night so I was beginning to pick them up and look less idiotic! Lot’s of mambo, salsa and cha cha cha moves to the beats of J -Lo followed by some Hip Hop then the final barrel turning show stopping performance piece at the end and I felt pumped up and ready to face the world.

I came home and decided to set up a Spotify playlist of all the tunes so I can practise at home… I can’t remember half the tunes, so it is a work in progress. Di, I know you read this, so remind me to write down the songs!

For those of you who use spotify, here is the list (with a few random additions) –