Day 26 – Body Pump – Then a shitter of a night!

Day 26 and after eating haribo all day and drinking a vat of coffee (which I have only just started drinking I might add) I was on one heck of a downer! I felt like the world was against me as I struggled through the tracks half heartedly lifting weights and zoning out. Note to self… Sugar, caffeine and me do not mix!

I do like Monday night pump, as it’s completely different to Di’s class, a little harder if anything, but I really could not be arsed with this class. I even had my CantBarsed t-shirt on as a mark of my rebellion against all things healthy! (Thanks for the freebie btw Joe)

I came home and decided to bake bread. Disaster 1- my treasured bread maker decided to break which I didn’t notice until it was too late. The ruddy thing didn’t mix everything properly so I had a flour base, with pretty much beer on top! I in my infinite wisdom decided to mix it and leave it to continue baking. It was a rock when it finished. Not great for a cheese butty!

Working on my webby sites. Disaster 2 – I just launched a new site, and can I decide on a theme? No i can’t! I created a load of content units using Easy Content Units and then changed my mind about the theme, so changed it breaking the whole ruddy thing. Websites are a pain in the bum sometimes!

Up to bed, I had some washing to put away. Disaster 3 – I started hanging my clothes up on my clothes rail (no, I don’t own a wardrobe as 2 people who looked at my house for me, no names mentioned *cough* Mark and Bruce! told me there were fitted wardrobes!) The ruddy thing broke splaying my clothes everywhere and leaving me with a nasty bruise on my shin! Grrr

EDIT – I forgot these!

Lost Bankcard. Disaster 4 – I cannot find my bank card anywhere, and the really annoying thing is it’s the one with my money on it! Grr… Must phone Natwest for new card!

Split Bag. Disaster 5 – My faithful gym bag that I have been using has finally ripped. Leaving me with a gaping hole down the side of my bag I was given as a freebie! I must buy a new one, or schwag another.