Day 27 – Aqua and Body Jam

meh! Another day of haribo and coffee and the evening downer continued! On the plus side I did catch up with my gym buddies and had a good old Valentines Day slagging off! I have spent the past 6 weeks prepping Valentines Day and I am single and could quite happily never hear those words again, I digress.

Aqua was good apart from the ruddy running around the pool! That gives me sore cankles! We did some serious arm work so my bingo wings shall not flap in the wind tomorrow! Woo hoo! I think I must have lost weight because my swimmers were rather baggy which was a little bit of a boost in my haribo/coffee downer! Some floating and leg kicking later and it was time to get out, have a quick steam, quick jacuzzi and shower ready for Jam.

Up to Jam I headed and Di was her usual chipper self! One of the regulars who had been on holiday was back which was great for me as I usually copy her. Some Meringue, Cha Cha Cha and salsa etc and a spot of the ol’ hippety hop and Jam was over and done with, leaving an exhausted, sweaty, dry mouthed, and grumpy Hannah at the back! (NB – dry mouth likely result of too much sugar)