Day 28 – Body Vive!

Well, I may of accidentally been persuaded out last night instead of my usual 2 class stint at the gym. I was a good girl and only had 3 drinks though so no heavy head for me, although the maccy d’s breakfast wasn’t overly healthy.

I took my usual place at the front of class and it was once again rammed. Di was her usual cheeky happy self, and I was brimming with excitement (I’ll explain why in another post) so concentrating went straight out the window. There were a couple of near misses where I was so busy being stupidly happy that I didn’t realise we had changed moves and so I almost kicked people, and looked a complete idiot!

I had a good workout and stopped back to ask Di how to get rid of my ‘love handles’ apparently running (as if) and body pump are the way to go. When I came out the girls I vive with were on the stairs waiting for me, to inform me that in the Aqua class that is on at the same time as Vive had 5 young hot guys in it. GUTTED! I’d missed my chance of 5 hot guys in swimmers! dammit!