Day 30 – Sunday Morning Body Jam

Saturday was mainly spent asleep or cleaning! Which was nice!

Sunday morning was another Body Jam session, and it was rammed in there! I found my regular spot in the back of the class and started to work it out! Yeah baby! Di changed some of the warm up tracks but as I am beginning to know all the tracks I didn’t look like an idiot and knew what to do! Some Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Usher tracks later and I was fully bopped out!

I came home and cleaned out the beast (my car) checked the oil, filled the water up etc etc! I’m such a mechanic! (NOT) and finished off preparing my house for the arrival of my house guests on Monday. I settled down to watch my regular sunday viewings and nodded off. Does a Sunday afternoon nap mean that even at my tender age of 23, I’m getting old? eek!