Day 33 – Jam and RPM (Evil Bikes)

Di had some how managed to convince me that RPM was a great form of exercise, so I trusted her and booked in after Body Jam. Sunday mornings are tough, not only do I have to wake up, but I also have to go work out. Sunday Morning Body Jam is usually pretty full too, so doing backwards barrell turns are usually a no no for me. Causing people injury by barrell turn isnt something I wish to do. Anyway, more new bopping tunes from Di, and it was time to prepare for RPM.

Crapping my pants really does not come close! Di helped me out with my bike settings and was really good, as she could see I had not been anywhere near a bike for a good few years! The hour was intense, much water and towel dabbing were required as you really work it. But BOY OH BOY does it hurt your ass! Talk about bruising! It felt like I had been kicked up the backside b a size 20 steel boot! Sitting down became quite sore! I can see how RPM would work for you, but I just could not get comfortable, and yes, I know that is the point! I will give RPM another go, once I can sit down properly again! 😉