Day 37 – Body Jam – Scoopedy Scoop, Combover and Hips!

Friday Night Jam once more! Hurrah! Di had changed all the tracks to include lots of sexy hip work! Arse wiggling to the basketball guys always amuses my inner core!

Di had a new routine, which is actually an old routine, but I hadnt done it, so it’s new, ok! Anyway the routine involves all sorts of new moves, tapping toes, kicking your legs out, ‘scoopedy scoop’ which is basically scooping and kicking your leg infront of you. ‘combover’ which does what it say on the tin! It’s an intense routine, but really worth while as you sure do feel the burn and sweat buckets!

My self confidence got the better of me once again when I tried running but did manage to up my av speed to 3.8 mph and did a good 2.01 miles in 33.5 minutes.