Day 38 – Sunday Morning Body Jam

Well scoopedy scoop, Sunday morning Jam again!  After a good sleep on the Saturday I was ready for Jam, and the class was packed out as usual. I really do love Jam, it’s the kind of class where although you are having a good work out, you don’t feel like it at the time. You cannot help but have a good giggle when you mess up the moves or Di says something funny, or sings along to the tracks. Yes Di, you do sound like Rhianna. I usually end up making a fool of myself just as a hotty walks by. Good work Hannah!

I was supposed to go to RPM but instead came to the office, mainly because i have no internet at home (Thankyou BT and Virgin) I managed to update my websites – Geology Holidays, I Love Scuba Diving – and my blog so i felt much chirpier!