Day 39 – Swim, Aqua, Jam, Walk – 3 hours – ouch!

My Tuesday night began by arriving at the gym early, so i went for a quick swim, before a dip in the jacuzzi and sauna. Then onto 45mins of aqua workout before another quick dip in the Jacuzzi.

Off i toddled to Jam – Di had already told us that Adam would be teaching the class and recording it as he had to send a tape in so he could become an instructor. Well, he chose an older track I had never even heard of, and it was brilliant, although it took some getting used too. As for Adam’s instructing, he was spot on, really cheery and he kept us all amused whilst burning our excess calories. It was a high energy Jam, so i really felt the burn.

I then stupidly decided to go on the treadmills to do a 2 mile walk. I was having major calf cramps so was struggling to do it, but i faught the burn and managed to finish my exercise marathon at just before 10pm, as they were switching the lights off. oops!