Day 3 In The Gym – 4 Hours Straight

My fourth day in the gym started at 4pm with an induction the machines! gross! I hate the machines in the gym at the best of times, but when being forced into using them i really hate it.Suprisingly it wasn’t too bad, i quite enjoyed the cross trainer and rowing machine. After a good half an hour in there I headed down to the pool. 10 lengths followed by a quick steam, quick sauna and quick jacuzzi. Another 10 lengths and some more steam time. Then another 10 lengths. I shared the jacuzzi with 2 very hairy men, it was like something out a 1980’s gay porn film (not me, just thehairyness)

I went for a quick 20 minute break for a hot chocolate and a bounty bar before heading back into the gym for 20 minutes. Then onto ‘Body Combat’ which was my brain fighting with my body to shift its ass and move! I wasn’t keen on this class, mainly because of the uber fit instructors who didn’t seem to sympathise with the unfit sweaty one at the back! They also kept screaming “look at your flabby bits in the mirror, we all have them! Now work it!!!!” There is reason a joined a gym you flaming imbeciles, if i wanted a reminder of my flabby bits i would either look in the mirror myself in the privacy of my own home, or look at piccies of myself.

4 hours later, i headed home. pooped.