Day 5 In The Gym – 2 hours solid!

Day 5 in the gym consisted of 1 hour of ‘Body Pump’ followed by another hour straight of ‘body combat’.

Body pump is basically using all sorts of weights to tone up your body and to get your muscles working, especially those muscles you do not usually use. Even though I only used the lightest weights I still felt the burn! My legs were wobbling like a fool after some of the crunches! Although I do quite fancy myself as a weight lifter now!

Session two was an hour of body combat but this time with Di, a woman who can’t help but make you laugh. She is great and really motivates you to push that little bit harder. I was already exhausted from the previous hour but I really gave it some welly, and let me tell you i was ready for collapsing as the final 5 minutes came. A great 2 sessions in the gym!