Day 6 In The Gym, And Keep Fit

Today consisted of yet more whimpering although my random muscles seem to have eased off tormenting my body a little! I had a slight washing machine malfunction this morning, which was annoying, it didn’t drain, i think due to the setting i had it on. So when i yanked the washing out it spilled water all over my kitchen! grrr! Bruce, the other boss dude turned up this morning from Milton Keynes, so after much banter we did some work…

At 6pm I had my second gym induction, to weights! I forgot my trainers so had to pump iron in my fake uggs! classy! well, Rachel, my instructor kept putting the weights really low, and I must be superwoman as i can really lift some weight! and i can handle the weight on my legs too! After 20 minutes being shown how to use all the machines my time was up so i whimpered back home.

After a quick bite i headed off to my first keep fit session of the year! I went for about 3 months before xmas at at £3 a pop, it isn’t too expensive. Ruth the teacher is 82 I think, definitely 80 at least, I’m just crap at remembering! She is waaaay fitter than most of the people at the gym!  she picks some great tunes and choreographs the moves accordingly. You basically take it at your own pace. Me I stand at the back and flail around like a headless chicken that just stubbed its toe. I’m painting a polite picture, it is much worse than that in real life! It is a great laugh and now im home safe and ready for a mt gay and coke! hurrah!

Ruth – In the black with reddy/pink stripey top!